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Scotch College has been cooking up something new to benefit future generations.

I t should come as no surprise that when Scotch set their sights on a new fitness facility, they decided to go all out. The brand new Purruna Spencer Newton Centre is more than just a couple of basketball courts — it’s a groundbreaking wellbeing hub, designed to give back to the students and surrounding community for years to come.

This impeccably designed $27-million facility includes two new indoor courts, pilates, dance and fitness suites, a high performance gym, a swimming centre, classroom spaces, meditation spaces, consultation rooms and breakout areas. It’s all created to enhance Scotch’s wellbeing offer — an important part of their mission to improve the wellbeing, satisfaction, performance and achievements of their students and employees.

“It’s essential for us to know that our students are resilient as they learn, grow and develop. We know that wellbeing is considered a major contributor to both high-achieving academic results and personal and professional success in later life,” says Scotch Principal Trent Driver. “We hope Purruna will be the key to enhancing their wellbeing as they grow into global citizens, and we hope the local community will be able to share that journey with us through exercise and activities.”

So, what sets it apart?

A nod to Mother Nature

When it comes to the environment, we’re not just talking about being sustainable here — no siree, we’re talking about a regenerative design, which means this new building isn’t just lessening the harm to our planet but actively making a positive change. Here are a few of the key design elements:

• It’s built with the Living Building Challenge in mind, which means the building needs to have a positive impact immediately, as well as for the future in order to gain its certification.

• It has a 330-kilowatt solar powered system. To put that into perspective, the average house runs on a 6-kilowatt to 7-kilowatt system. Scotch ain’t mucking around!

• It has a reduction in water usage by up to 50 percent, compared to standard systems.

“As an educational institution, we have a responsibility not just to educate, but to inspire future leaders to take action on the pressing issue of climate change,” says Natalie Felkl, Director of Community & Marketing and the Sustainability Committee. “Purruna represents our commitment to leading by example, by going beyond simply reducing harm and actively contributing to a better future for our environment.

“This building is not just a physical structure, but a symbol of our ongoing commitment to sustainability and a beacon of hope for the future of the built environment in South Australia.”

Everyone’s welcome

If you’re feeling jealous of the lucky Scotch students who get to enjoy the Purruna Spencer Newton Centre, we’ve got good news! Scotch has teamed up with YMCA to offer memberships to the public, including pilates, yoga, aqu classes, lap swimming and swimming lessons — all with beautiful views overlooking the city.

We tip our hats to the innovative Scotch College team who shine light on the importance of wellbeing and make it a central focus of everything they do. We can’t wait to see this new centre (and the lucky people who utilise it) flourish over the coming years.

Purruna Spence Newton Centre


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