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Ahh the Riverland — there’s a reason why it’s one of the most popular holiday destinations in SA, and that’s because it’s got it all! Adventure, extreme sports, incredible views and a great vibe.

Another thing that it has? Wine. And we mean like, a LOT of wine. So much wine in fact, that over half the wine that comes out of SA is made from Riverland grapes.

We were lucky enough to head back to the Riverland for Season 3 and this time our trip had a very clear theme, and that’s all thanks to the incredible recommendations we got from Riverland Wine. We’re sure that you’re going to absolutely love stealing this itinerary, just maybe make sure you bring along a designated driver…


Scotts Creek Eco Retreat at Byrne Vineyards

Stop whatever you’re doing and take this in…

Five words everyone needs to know about — Glamping at Scotts Creek Retreat.

Picture this… Uninterrupted million dollar views of the beautiful Murray River, wetlands, treetops and bushland. Inside your “tent” is a designer rug, a King-sized bed, cushions galore, a fan, a lamp, and reverse cycle air-conditioning!

Your “tent” (luxe eco-suite accommodation) has a gorgeous ensuite bathroom, that’s fully tiled with a shower and hot running water.


Angove Family Wine Makers + St Agnes Distillery

Welcome to Angove Family Winemakers and St Agnes Distillery, where you can see the process of a legendary SA spirit being made while you enjoy a taste of organic wine.

Let us start by saying that this place is LEGIT. Every where you look there is a different sized barrel of brandy or a bottle of organic wine, which for people that love both (me) is basically a dream come true.

These brands are “same same, but different”. The Angove family owns and operates both but they each have a totally different purpose — well, a totally different alcohol product at least. Talk about a multitalented family, right?

Eleni’s at Mallee Estate

I’m about to make a VERY big call.

Have you heard of Mallee Estate — you know, the beautiful cellar door and vineyard just outside of Renmark? They’ve recently opened their new restaurant, Eleni’s, and… here it goes…

It is the best Greek food I’ve ever eaten in South Australia.

BOOM. Now, I know I haven’t had a chance to visit everyones’ γιαγιά to taste-test my theory, but we guarantee that if you visit Eleni’s you won’t leave disappointed (or hungry!)

Salena Estate

We recently met the beautiful Salena from Salena Estate, and I think it’s safe to say that now we ALL want a winery named after us!

If you’re thinking to yourself “I don’t think I’ve ever tried a Salena Estate wine”, you’re probably wrong! This incredible SA company boasts an impressive 96 skews under 6 or 7 different brand names, ensuring that the entire marketplace is covered and there is something for just about everyone.

And NOW if you’re thinking to yourself “boy, I’d love to try one / some / all of those 96 skews of wine” then next time you find yourself in St Peters in Adelaide, or Loxton in the Riverland, feel free to stop by one of the Salena Estate Cellar Doors to have a taste.

Canoe Adventures Riverland

We’ve discovered our new favourite way to explore the Murray River, and it doesn’t involve an action sport or breakneck speeds.

Now don’t get us wrong, we are quite partial to drinking wine on a houseboat or zipping around in a speed boat, but NOTHING compares to getting amongst the incredible scenes that the Riverland has to offer — and that’s why Canoe Adventures Riverland provides such an incredible experience!

If you’re still reading this and thinking to yourself WE WANT MORE then don’t worry — we’ve hooked you up with this list of Where To Find The Best Wine In SA’s Riverland to keep you nice and busy!


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