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By Hayley Pearson


This particular Adelady’s face makes me happy. Not just because it’s full of life and warmth, but because we go back a LONG, LONG way together. Her name is Megan and she is a freaking rockstar. Not literally, I stood next to her in school choir and I’m pretty sure she can’t sing — but she’s a rockstar in life.

Megan Giles is all about helping and supporting women – our mums in particular. She has created a business, Retirement Designer for Women, that supports women approaching retirement to successfully transition and create a lifestyle that keeps them connected and, most importantly, relevant!

I know when my mum first retired, she felt lost. I imagine that for our parents, retiring could be exciting, but also very difficult — you’re no longer “needed” like you have been for the best part of your life. Emails stop rolling in. Your routine stops. And weekdays all start rolling into one.

Megan’s job is to jump in before these feelings pop up and help to action a dream list. She enables women to take steps straight away (not wait until retirement!) to establish a lifestyle that is fulfilling, meaningful and lights them up each day.

“As women, we rarely take the time to invest in our own number one asset – ourselves, so I offer structured, action-focused one-on-one coaching tailored to each individual’s circumstances.” Megan says.



I bloody love this girl. She has the best heart and is so freaking smart that you’ll always feel comfortable in her capable hands. Most of our readers have parents who are approaching retirement, so if you think they might need some help or tips, give ol’ Meggsie a call.

Even though she’s re-located herself to the Sunshine Coast with her husband, this week, she’s our Inspirational Adelady! These are her fave places in Adelaide:

Hayley x


Fave coffee

I now live in Queensland and trips home to Adelaide are usually motivated by a particular event or celebration and it seems there’s never enough time to catch up with everyone I want to. So, I love heading to Light Bulb Café on King William Road —  not only am I guaranteed a great coffee (and a pastry!), but invariably I bump into someone I know!

13179100_1770583156496797_5052428206022284972_nImage credit: Light Bulb Cafe

Fave brekky café

Without a doubt my favourite spot for breakfast is Bond & Lane in Colonel Light Gardens.The staff are lovely, the coffee consistently good, and they do an amazing shakshouka. What makes this place even more special is that they hosted my beautiful, Spanish-inspired hen’s afternoon just over a year ago. It was a beautiful afternoon in their courtyard full of family, friends and delicious tapas!

535278_565417570294732_6993234235972685035_nImage credit: Bond & Lane

Fave date night restaurant

My husband, Luke is from Queensland and so I love being able to show-off my home town whenever we come back to Adelaide. I’ve always loved Chianti on Hutt Street and last year we discovered its sister-venture, Bar Torino. Luke and I are mad about traveling and so the Italian/Spanish feel creates the perfect setting to share a bottle of wine, a plate of tapas and to plan our next adventure. While Bar Torino is fabulous for a date night, it’s equally great for catching up with girlfriends. I recently spent a gorgeous afternoon here with friends that before we knew it turned into cocktails and dinner!

13419214_850659015040059_5014495024687659495_nImage credit: Bar Torino

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Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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