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By Hayley Pearson


I get a bit choked up with this one. I met Danielle Symes at a photoshoot for SA Style magazine a few months ago and I was drawn to her immediately.

Not just because of her super warm and friendly personality, but because I could tell she was just like me: a mum, trying to kick arse in both worlds. The world of being a mum, caring for your babies and also the world of business. It’s hard to succeed equally in both, but she has — and I bow down to her for that.

You may have heard of her awesome online fashion boutique, Somethin Somethin. She was the brain-child behind the business and grew it from the ground up. It boomed!

But a few weeks ago Danielle shared this news to her Facebook friends:

“So I have some pretty big news. I’m closing down Somethin Somethin. This decision has taken nearly a year to come to but after 10 years in the industry I have decided to move on from my little store. This has not been easy but with new opportunities coming my way and wanting to spend more time with my family, it’s finally time.

SS has been my life for a long time now so making the choice to move on felt like I was losing my identity. I have been fortunate enough work from home, doing what I love & I am grateful to all of you for allowing me to do that. I have noticed in the last year or so though, that my passion, which is now photography & styling, has started to evolve, so when Westfield asked me back as a senior stylist, I saw it as the final sign to move on.

Perhaps the biggest reason why I was ready to move on, was the realisation about a year ago that my family was most important to me. My little boy is two and a half, so I spent a year and a half not seeing that what I had in front of me was more inspiring than clothes & instagram likes. I have always been very career driven and I am proud to be a working mum, but until I experienced being a working parent I don’t think I truly understood stress, utter exhaustion and guilt. When we do decide to add to our family I want to be present. I want to be able to breast feed instead of pump my breasts, I want to sleep when my baby sleeps rather than answering emails, I want to be able to waste hours playing with my children without having my phone glued to my hand, constantly refreshing. Postnatal depression was almost inevitable for me when I look back. I just hope that next time, if my situation is a bit different, I will be able to be the mum that I always thought I would be.

I have learnt so much from running my business & without sounding cliché, I have no regrets. It has taught me to appreciate life. You guys have given me so much and for those of you that have followed me from day one, with my hideous outfit post, I’m forever grateful. Naturally I will be doing some whoppa ass sales tonight & over the rest of the week so stay tuned for those, but for now thank you & goodbye!” – Danielle Symes

It’s fair to say, her words cut deep. To some extent, I know how she feels and I’m sure this also resonates with thousands of other working mums. GOOD ON HER for being open, honest and finally taking action. She’s now rocking at being a mum, stylist at Westfield AND a mad photographer!

We have so much respect for this chick, she sure is somethin’ somethin’! Enough said, she’s our Inspirational Adelady this week.

These are her fave places in Adelaide:

Hayley x


Fave place for brekky

Hawker Street Cafe! It’s a local for me so I can walk there with my little boy Harper, technically it’s only 5 minutes down the road but walking with a toddler who finds every crack in the pavement fascinating, it takes us a bit longer. The food is all local produce so the flavours are amazing. I love the quinoa and coconut porridge and my weapon of choice… a double shot latte whilst Harper can’t get enough of the green smoothies (I haven’t told him there’s kale in it).

13015219_1189208137767615_3102251281903218656_nImage credit: Hawker Street Cafe

Fave Kid Friendly Spot

We tend to avoid restaurants and bars at all cost because being the parents with ’that child’ can get a little tiresome. However, one spot we have found to be amazing is Jamie Oliver’s Restaurant. The kids meals are on another level. Harper’s fave is the chicken lollipops which you would expect to be some kind of deep fried thing on a stick but it’s fresh grilled chicken on a skewer served with a little side salad in a jar (who ever thought of the idea to serve salad in a jar that has a lid that can go off and on and off and on is a GENIUS). And they serve wine.


Fave Fashion Tip

Never underestimate what a pair of heels can do for your confidence (and legs).

FullSizeRender (1)

Fave bargain boutique

Azalia Boutique is my go-to. It’s walking distance for me (plus there is another great coffee shop across the road from it). They cover all price ranges and I tend to stick down the affordable end of things and I don’t ever leave her store empty handed. She also has two kids so she doesn’t blink an eye lid when Harper knocks over a table of jewellery.

13178567_1085310161541056_3547191176026682376_nImage credit: Azalia BooTique

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Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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  • Michelle says:

    I admire you, Danielle, for seeing that motherhood is a wonderful thing. I am also pleased for you that you can afford not to work as some mothers do. I have no doubt you are still earning some extra $$$s for the household budget but honestly, time goes so very, very quickly with children that it is better to have memories than regrets. That new fridge, those flashy curtains or even that special holiday can wait. You’ll not regret spending more time with your little man. And I have an Azalia Boutique near me at Marryatville and love it!

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