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One minute, our beautiful Sofia was a tiny baby — and now, she’s a pocket rocket ready for her next Goodstart adventure.

I know I was warned about how fast time flies, but I can’t believe I have a toddler! Sofia has been attending Goodstart Early Learning since she was 10 months old and has always loved it. So, when it was time to transition her from the Nursery to the Toddler Room at 18 months, she was thrilled.

The Toddler Room offers a more structured and interactive learning environment, with plenty of activities that promote independence and selfhelp skills. Not to mention, Sofia’s days are filled with indoor and outdoor imaginative play and spending time with her new baby besties — helloooo, Lenny and Bella!

“We love the toddler age at Goodstart. It’s the perfect time to help your child develop their independence, imagination and motor skills, and build the foundation for lifelong language and literacy skills. It’s all about encouraging them to explore their world in a safe and nurturing environment,” says Jodie Hannaford, Centre Director.

Here are a few things that Goodstart does in the Toddler Room to make our lives easier and fill Sofia’s days with joy.


With the Goodstart team standing beside us, it’s been easy to take a step back and watch Sofia thrive. Each child has a key educator who works closely with a very small group of children and their families, so you can feel comfortable that there is someone who really knows and understands your child. Nothing makes me happier than seeing her walking in, all smiles and no tears — you can tell she feels happy and safe to be there, which makes me feel so calm when leaving her.


Mealtimes at Goodstart are never rushed, and the meals are nutritious and tasty for tiny tots to enjoy, with some great development opportunities, like learning to feed themselves and helping to clean up. I swear she likes Goodstart’s pasta way more than mine!


Hell hath no fury like a toddler whose routine has been rudely interrupted! Goodstart works with you to create a routine to keep your little one cool, calm and collected, while ensuring they get enough rest during the day. Each child even has their own bed and bedding, so they’re always in a familiar space.


It feels like every day, Sofia is waking up with new words she seems to have learnt in her sleep! Children understand what’s being said to them before they can express themselves, so the Goodstart team will watch your baby’s expressions, gestures and new words, so they can continue to foster their development and celebrate all the exciting milestones with you!


There’s nothing we love more than checking the secure online updates throughout the day and seeing Sofia play. The joy! The fun! All the kids have the best time, enjoying different activities indoors and outdoors, including dance, creative play and learning experiences. The first time Sofia pulled on her backpack and strutted into Goodstart’s Toddler Room like she owned the joint, we felt a little bit sad. But, we also realised that any place that Sofia loves this much, we love too. She’s not just getting a good start, but the best start.



Lauren De Cesare

Lauren De Cesare

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