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The river is back and future house boating memories are ready to be made! 

If you’re a houseboat novice then no worries, we caught up with the owner of SA’s Wow Houseboats, Kate, to find out all about what these majestic river holidays entail…

Wow has everything to create the perfect houseboat holiday, tell us about the most popular features on board?

When it comes to creating the perfect houseboat holiday, the Wow Factor has truly left no stone unturned. One of the most popular features is the breathtaking sun deck, which offers an expansive space where guests can soak up the sun’s warm embrace while immersing themselves in stunning panoramic views. This idyllic setting becomes a haven for relaxation and creates an unforgettable backdrop for memorable moments with loved ones.

Inside, guests are greeted with a sense of refined elegance and comfort. The spacious living areas have been thoughtfully designed and adorned with exquisite details, seamlessly blending modern design with a touch of nautical charm. This perfect fusion creates an ambience that exudes sophistication and invites guests to unwind in style.

The kitchen onboard is nothing short of a culinary paradise. Equipped with state-of-the-art appliances and stocked with all the essentials, it becomes a hub for food enthusiasts to unleash their creativity and indulge in gastronomic delights. Whether guests are skilled chefs or simply enjoy shared dining experiences, the kitchen sets the stage for culinary adventures and memorable flavours.

The luxurious bedrooms provide a private sanctuary for guests to retreat to at the end of each day. With plush bedding and gentle waters lulling them into a peaceful sleep, these cosy havens ensure a restful slumber, allowing guests to wake up refreshed and ready to embrace each day of their houseboat holiday.

In addition to these popular features, the Wow Factor offers a range of extra amenities that elevate the experience to new heights. From a rejuvenating spa area where guests can pamper themselves to a fully equipped entertainment system that brings movies and music to life, every aspect of the houseboat has been designed to provide maximum enjoyment and create unforgettable memories. More information HERE

How does a one-way booking work, and where does it start and end? 

With Wow Houseboats, you have the flexibility to choose your preferred starting point, whether it’s the tranquil Riverglen Marina or the charming Swan Reach. Cruise along the majestic Murray River, immersing yourself in its natural beauty, serene waters, and captivating landscapes.

What makes the one-way booking truly exceptional is the sense of exploration it brings. Navigate through picturesque towns, hidden coves, and scenic spots, all at your own pace. Revel in the freedom of tailoring your houseboat journey to your desires, uncovering new sights and experiences with each passing day.

The one-way booking option from Wow Houseboats is a testament to our commitment to providing guests with unparalleled flexibility and an extraordinary houseboat experience. Whether you’re seeking a romantic escape, a family adventure, or a getaway with friends, this unique offering allows you to craft your perfect itinerary and make lifelong memories. More information here. 

What will passengers expect to see along the way? 

One of the remarkable aspects of Wow Houseboats’ one-way bookings is that guests don’t have to see the same side of the river again. This unique feature adds an extra layer of excitement and exploration to the journey, allowing guests to discover the Murray River from different perspectives and uncover new sights along the way.

In addition to the exciting prospect of experiencing different sides of the river, we go the extra mile to enhance their guests’ journey by curating a special map that leads them to hidden gems along the Murray River. 

The Wow Factor map acts as a guide to uncover secluded spots and serene locations that are off the beaten path. These hidden gems offer guests a chance to relax, unwind, and immerse themselves in the untouched beauty of the river, away from the more frequented areas.

As guests embark on their one-way journey between Riverglen Marina and Swan Reach, they can look forward to a captivating array of sights and experiences along the way. Here are some of the highlights they can expect to see:

:: Scenic Landscapes: The Murray River is renowned for its stunning natural beauty. Guests will be treated to breathtaking vistas of lush greenery, meandering waterways, and majestic cliffs. The ever-changing landscape will enchant and inspire throughout the journey.

:: Charming Towns and Riverside Communities: Along the river, guests will encounter charming towns and riverside communities that offer a glimpse into local life. From historic landmarks to friendly locals, each stop presents an opportunity to immerse oneself in the region’s rich culture and heritage.

:: Abundant Wildlife: The Murray River is teeming with diverse wildlife. Keep an eye out for playful dolphins, graceful swans, colourful bird species, and even kangaroos grazing by the riverbanks. Wildlife encounters add an element of enchantment to the journey, providing unique photo opportunities and unforgettable memories.

:: Tranquil Inlets and Hidden Coves: The river is dotted with secluded inlets and hidden coves, inviting guests to explore and find their own private slice of paradise. These peaceful spots offer opportunities for swimming, fishing, or simply basking in the serenity of nature.

:: Iconic Riverland Vineyards: The Murray River region is known for its vineyards and wineries. Guests can cruise past picturesque vineyards, catching glimpses of rows of grapevines and perhaps even visit one of the renowned wineries for a tasting, further enhancing their river journey with the flavours of the region.

:: Riverside Dining and Entertainment: Along the way, guests may come across riverside establishments offering delightful dining experiences and live entertainment. Indulge in local cuisine, savouring fresh produce and regional specialities, while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of riverside venues.

:: Historical Landmarks: History enthusiasts will appreciate the various historical landmarks that line the Murray River. From paddle steamers and historic wharves to fascinating Aboriginal cultural sites, there are ample opportunities to learn about the region’s rich history and heritage.

Can you share some tips for the best houseboat holiday ever?

Absolutely! Here are some tips to ensure the best houseboat holiday ever with Wow Houseboats:

Plan Ahead: Start by planning your holiday well in advance. Check the availability of the houseboats and book early to secure your desired dates. Planning ahead will give you peace of mind and allow for smoother preparations.

Review Itineraries and Routes: We’ll provides suggested itineraries and routes to help you make the most of your journey. Study these carefully, taking note of recommended stops, attractions, and scenic spots along the way. This will ensure you don’t miss out on any must-see locations.

Pack Accordingly: Pack with ease knowing that Wow Houseboats has you covered with everything you need for a comfortable stay. Leave behind the worries of packing essentials such as bedding, towels, and kitchen utensils because we provide all of these amenities for you.

Familiarise Yourself with Wow Factor: Take some time to familiarise yourself with the features and operations of the boat during the show out and onboarding process. Learn how to navigate, operate equipment, and understand safety procedures. Our staff will provide instructions and guidance during the onboarding process.

Make the Most of the On-Board Amenities: There’s range of amenities for your comfort and enjoyment. Take advantage of all the fabulous features and embrace the opportunity to relax and indulge in the luxuries provided.

Respect the River Environment: Treat the river and its surroundings with care and respect. Avoid littering, maintain clean and tidy surroundings, and follow any guidelines provided by Wow Houseboats or local authorities. Preserve the pristine beauty of the river for future visitors to enjoy.

Capture Memories: Bring a camera or smartphone to capture unforgettable moments and breathtaking scenery. Your houseboat holiday will offer numerous opportunities for stunning photographs and cherished memories. Document your journey and relive the magic for years to come.

Relax and Unwind: Above all, embrace the laid-back and leisurely pace. Take the time to relax, unwind, and enjoy the serenity of the river. Disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life and fully immerse yourself in the tranquillity of your surroundings.

By following these tips, you can ensure an exceptional houseboat holiday, where every moment is filled with relaxation, adventure, and the chance to create lifelong memories. 

How has the river changed since the floods? 

As a business owner along the magical Murray River, I have witnessed the transformative effects of the recent floods on this cherished waterway. The river has undergone significant changes, presenting both challenges and opportunities for businesses like ours.

One noticeable change is the altered landscape along the riverbanks. The floods have reshaped the natural contours, creating new channels and altering the course of the river in certain areas. This dynamic shift has opened up new possibilities for exploring different sections of the river and discovering previously unseen landscapes.

The floods have also had an impact on the ecosystem. While there may be some initial disruptions, such as changes in water clarity or temporary shifts in wildlife patterns, the river has a remarkable ability to rebound and regenerate. Nature’s resilience is evident as vegetation rejuvenates and wildlife gradually returns to their habitats.

From a business perspective, the changed river presents an opportunity to provide unique experiences for our guests. The altered landscape offers fresh and captivating vistas, enticing visitors to embark on new adventures and explore the ever-evolving beauty of the Murray River.

As we adapt to the changes, we ensure that our services and offerings align with the new river dynamics. We stay informed about any navigational adjustments, updated safety guidelines, and changes in wildlife habitats to provide our guests with the most current and enjoyable experiences.

We recognise the importance of responsible and sustainable practices to protect the river’s ecosystem. By promoting eco-friendly tourism and educating our guests about the river’s resilience, we contribute to the long-term preservation of this natural treasure.

For more information about Wow Houseboats, head over here!

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