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By Stacey Caruso Makeup

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The holiday season has come and gone (phew!) and the new year is usually a time when we are finding our feet again, keeping the kids entertained on school holidays, and getting back into the routine of day to day work life. If you were lucky enough to have time off over Xmas you’re probably thinking, “Where did those weeks go?” and for others who were in the thick of retail/hospitality work its more like, “When is my break??!!” LOL!

Some of us are feeling refreshed whilst others are likely feeling and looking exhausted! Feel like you have aged ten years in two weeks? I hear you Adeladies! Puffy eyes, tired skin, bad beauty days! Well fret no more as I’m sharing with you all my top instant look lifters and anti-ageing tips to have you feeling and looking fab!


Summer is definitely upon us and the most important thing to prevent against the ageing process and the sun’s rays is sunscreen! Not only for your body when you hit the ocean but on a daily basis as your everyday moisturiser! Doesn’t matter if you’re an office worker and only catch the rays on your lunch and to and from work, Aussie sun can cause some serious damage that can age us severely. There are so many great facial sunscreens out there that are non-greasy and give a high protection factor and are perfect to wear under your day to day makeup. Make this a priority if it isn’t already, trust me!

It’s summer and not only a time to be a social butterfly by day but a fab time to be out and about at the many festivals and parties at night. After a boozy evening we all know our skin can look and feel a bit haggard. Not only is it super important to replenish those fluids (coconut water works wonders) but it makes such a difference when you add moisture to your skin. Use a rich moisturiser to temporarily plump up the skin (a hydrating cream or balm works best) and a moisturising eye cream to reduce the appearance of fine lines. This will instantly make your skin look softer and younger!



Adding a little definition to the eyes can instantly make the eyes look bigger. One pattern I tend to find in a lot of women who wear eyeliner is that they often line the lower lash line or inner water line and don’t line the top. Ladies, doing this will drag the eye down,make you look tired and heavy under the eyes and draw attention to any under eye circles. To create a more “awake” look line the top lash line and leave the lower lash line.

ALWAYS line all the way across the lid, don’t stop halfway and if you line from the outer corner to the inner have it a little thicker on the outside and taper it to a thinner line when you get to the inner corner. This will accentuate the eyes shape and give them a lifted look, and this is a great tip for middle-aged women who feel their eyes are becoming a little “droopy”. If you feel naked without some liner on the bottom then after you have lined the top do a much softer line in the lower lash line. I find a soft colour shadow works best for this.


As we get older we tend to notice more fine lines and creases around the eyes in particular. It is so important to use a good moisturiser to plump the skin and also a primer for the face and the eyes especially if you are going to apply eyeshadow. What the primer does is provide a good base so that shadow or other makeup products won’t settle into the creases and therefore make us look older. If you are concerned with fine lines on the eye lid then avoid using any shimmer shadows!

Shimmer shadows tend to show up lines more, and settle in the creases. A soft matte shade to bring out your eye colour or a cream formula shadow works best. Same goes with powder for the face. Any fine lines will become more obvious with an application of powder so remember just apply where needed to set foundation or control shine. Don’t forget a lash curler and a couple of slicks of mascara will open up the eye making your face look brighter and more awake!


Often when we are having a bad beauty day we want to layer on the makeup to cover it all up… Avoid this ladies! A little bit of tinted moisturiser, concealer, mascara, creamy blush and some gloss or balm is all you really need to instantly lift and brighten your face!

Choose colours for eyes, cheeks and lips that bring our your natural features and enhance them, so that when people see you they say, “Wow your eyes look amazing today!” rather than, “Your eyeshadow looks amazing.” Most of us want to achieve that effortless beauty look right? I ask myself on a regular basis, who wants to spend hours in front of the mirror, using 3 different shades of foundation to contour their face so they look like someone else?? Well certainly not me!

I am never gonna look like Kim K, (and gladly so) nor do I have my own personal makeup artist and seemingly endless amounts of time to get beautified. Aussie beauty to me is fresh, natural and youthful. It’s seeing skin and features rather than piles of product! So choose colours that are right for you. Colours that blend seamlessly into your skin, make your eye colour pop and give that natural flush to the cheeks and lips.

What are your anti ageing tips???

Stacey xx

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