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Guest Blog  by The Skin Spa

Who doesn’t want youthful and younger looking skin? Ageing is a natural process that catches hold of each and every one of us eventually. But what you may not know is that there are things we are doing to worsen and speed up the ageing process.  Unhealthy lifestyle, stress, over-dependence on processed and ready to eat foods, caffeine, alcohol and unhealthy habits like smoking, lack of exercise, and pollution all contribute to ageing skin and the appearance of wrinkles. BUT delightfully we do have NATURAL therapies in the realm of beauty, for giving the skin essential tools for it to achieve optimal health, wellness and AGE REVERSAL, without having to resort to drastic procedures that come with discomfort, pain and downtime.


Why does our skin age?

Collagen and elastin are the two major proteins that make up the base of our skins structure, which makes our skin elastic, supple and youthful. From roughly the age of 25, our skins collagen and elastin production starts to slow down, leading to the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles.

So what should we do?

The answer is, we need to re-stimulate our skins own collagen and elastin production. This is the way to keep our skin looking its most youthful! So where do we begin? I’ve listed the top 5 natural and most effective remedies for battling skin concerns, particularly ageing, pain free!

1.    Micro-hydrabrasion

Not only will you get the deepest skin clean you’ve ever had, micro-hydrabrasion treatment is scientifically proven to create controlled ‘micro traumas’ to the skin which will promote wound healing, leading to the stimulation of collagen and elastin production in your skin. Resulting in the reduction of any fine lines commonly around the eyes, forehead and neck.

Micro-hydrabrasion goes beyond standard microdermabrasion by combining exfoliation together with a water delivery system. This involves a special suction head (just like a little vacuum) that simultaneously blasts water into the skins pores to further deeply clean the skin. It doesn’t leave the skin irritated, instead it brightens, reduces pore size, products penetrate easier and you glow because you’re stimulating blood flow underneath, which in turn stimulates collagen production.

At The Skin Spa you’ve got the option of our “mini” micro-hydrabrasion. Perfect for anyone on a budget or pressed for time, being a quick 45minute treatment. Or have the option of indulging in our full micro-hydrabrasion facial, this 1.25hr session incorporates treatment on the hands, application of skin firming and soothing masks plus a relaxing neck & shoulder massage. It’s AMAAAAZING!

2.    Radio Frequency – Skin Tightening

This is seriously the most relaxing treatment, with incredible results!! Used typically as a natural, non-invasive alternative to having a mini ‘face lift’. This will get you that instant skin tightening and lift without going through the pain and expenses of surgery. This is an advanced technology that safely heats the collagen in the skin.  If sufficient energy is delivered, the collagen will contract, providing an immediate lift in the skin. Radio Frequency is proven to promote collagen on a much deeper scale than other treatments on the market, including microdermabrasion. But when combined together they make for the ultimate anti-ageing facial. Normally a minimum of 5 sessions weekly is ideal for optimum results. We’ll take before & after photos from beginning to end to compare the results with you.

3.     Cosmecuetical skincare

Cosmeceutical is basically medical skincare. Skincare that has been scientifically produced, which contain active ingredients that make a proven, clinical change to the skin. The main difference between cosmeceuticals and over-the-counter cosmetics is the concentration of active ingredients. Cosmeceuticals contain many more active ingredients and in much higher concentrations. These active ingredients have the ability to penetrate deeper and more effectively in to the skins layers, which results in more visible, longer-term benefits and most importantly age reversal.

If you’re looking for a new skincare range, that offers a true change in the skin. Osmosis medical skincare comes highly recommended. We can’t get enough of this range here at The Skin Spa and neither can our clients!

What sets Osmosis skincare apart from the rest?

:: Works on every skin condition on every skin type.

:: 6-10 times greater absorption rate than virtually any other skin care range.

:: Uses more active ingredients per serum than any other line in the world.

:: Medical Strength products using all natural and chirally correct ingredients.

:: Free of parabens, artificial fragrances, SLS’s and additives.

:: Focus is on feeding the dermis with ingredients that our skin receptors recognise.

:: Fastest growing medical skin care in America today.


4.     Stem cell serums/creams

Stem cells have been proven to improve all aspects of ageing and skin damage. Commonly found in cosmeceutical skincare lines. They gently restore the repair process and stimulate new cells to build collagen and elastin, heal hyper pigmentation and reverse ageing.

Stemfactor Serum – from Osmosis Medical skincare utilises over 150 different skin growth factors derived from a combination of adult stem cells, this powerful serum improves all aspects of ageing and skin damage. It gently restores the repair process and stimulates new cells to build collagen and elastin, heal hyper pigmentation and reverse ageing.


5.     Vitamin A

There is no other ingredient that can penetrate as deeply and effectively as Vitamin A. Vitamin A has the ability to penetrate inside of a damaged skin cell and fix it from within, helping to reduce sun damaged, red irritated, aged skins dramatically.

I hope this helps! Any questions, please come and see us at The Skin Spa. xx



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