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If you’re like me and always on the look-out for a great KID-FRIENDLY cafe, our lovely friend, Lauren Hunt is here to help us. And by “help” I mean “SAVE” us!

Lauren is an Early Childhood Teacher who currently works part-time teaching children in their first year of school, while also running a great website, Lauren is a Supermum to her two-and-a-half year old daughter, Miss M and she knows what it’s like bringing toddlers to cafes that aren’t kid-friendly — HELL!

Here are her top 5 Play Cafes in Adelaide:

Hayley xx


Guest Post: By Lauren Hunt

1. Lollipops Playland, 449 Port Road, Croydon

Okay, this one is our favourite! When my daughter, Miss M was a baby, I was thrilled to find out that Lollipops has it’s own specific baby play area with swings, rockers, walkers, jolly jumpers and massage chairs for parents! It’s awesome – and right along-side the toddler area so if you have a baby and a toddler, you’re covered.

The toddler area is generous in size with safe, padded climbing, slide, mini bouncy castle and lots to do. The main play area is huge (we are not quite at the age yet to venture in there to explore) but we do love the ball room, and they also have a pirate ship — like the Royal Show.

There’s even a ‘quiet room’ with toys if the noise and chaos is too much for your little one, especially if you’re visiting on weekends or school holidays. Don’t be surprised when they charge adults $3.90 for entry – this means you get a free coffee, or other drink of your choice. There’s plenty of food and snack choices for all ages. Oh, don’t tell the kids this but there are usually free lollipops given out when you leave!

play cafes in adelaide; adelady, teacher typesImage credit: Lollipops

2. Amalie’s Play Space, Shop 8/9, 414 Milne Road, Redwood Park

Amalie’s Play Space is very different from the typical large indoor playgrounds. It’s smaller, quieter, run by two local mums and has a big focus on “playing with toys”. It’s organised much like an Early Learning Centre with a kitchen play corner, baby play area, book corner, art & craft table, construction area etc… When you walk in, you just say, “Ahhhh”  and have the chance to sit on a comfy couch and enjoy coffee with a friend, while the kids go and play (in full view from said comfy couch).

It’s just a beautiful space and one of our favourites. There’s a small menu for snacks, but right next door is Soul Food Café if you’re after something more. Read more about Amalie’s HERE in my detailed review on Teacher Types.

play cafes in adelaide; adelady, teacher types
Image credit: Amalies Play Space

3. Bubbles Play Café, Helicon Drive, Golden Grove

These guys have a great toddler play area with a foam floor and lots for littlies to safely play with. The main play area is pretty standard and what you’d expect, but the kids absolutely love it. Miss M is just about at the stage where she’s old enough and confident enough to venture up the steps and down the giant slide. The menu has some great healthy options as well as the usuals. The fruit, cheese & crackers shared platter is our favourite to get when we go with a friend. Oh and another tip – if you’re going there for a birthday party and have forgotten a gift, grab one on the way in from the toy selection!

play cafes in adelaide; adelady, teacher typesImage credit: bubblesplay

4. Splodge, corner of Diagonal Rd, Railway Terrace, Warradale

Something else a little different (yet fantastic) is Splodge. The focus here is art, craft and sensory play experiences for little tikes. Enjoy delicious café style food and coffee while the kids amuse themselves with a huge variety of activities. They have a dedicated room for painting, gluing, making etc and you can purchase certain wooden craft items to paint and decorate. You can have your child’s birthday party at the venue or organise for Splodge to bring the fun to you! Definitely something to keep in mind for your next birthday party.

 play cafes in adelaide; adelady, teacher typesImage credit: @splodgefun

5. Wacky Warehouse, 162 Gorge Road, Newton

Wacky Warehouse is a tad smaller than Lollipops and Bubbles, but still just as fun. During the week is much quieter but weekends are great too as the bouncy castle is set up. The toddler area is quite tiny, mainly just a ball pit and some foam blocks. Older kids will have a blast exploring the play frames and slides. There’s quite a lot of choice on the menu and they host fantastic birthday parties – they can take care of every detail for you.

play cafes in adelaide; adelady, teacher typesImage credit: wackywarehouseplaycafe

What’s your favourite play café in Adelaide? Did I miss any?

Lauren xx

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