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UrbanYou! Ladies and gents, this business lets you outsource your life and get an extra pair of hands to do the jobs you just DON’T HAVE TIME FOR.

Umm… sign me up!

UrbanYou offers cleaning and gardening services, with a range of different options to suit every Adelady. And shhhh, we’ve got the secret discount code “ADELADY”, so you can get $30 off of your first service when you book through the website! BOOM!

Our team is made up of a busy working mama, a young career woman who’s single and fancy free, a single mum with a fur baby, and a shacked up dirty (almost) thirty year old living at home.

But somehow we ALL need UrbanYou in our lives… and I bet you do too!

For the Adelady that’s running a busy household, juggling two kids and three jobs between her and her husband…

The service that most appealed to this Adelady was: Fortnightly Cleaning.


Because sometimes you just Do. Not. Have. Time. Knowing that someone is going to be there once a fortnight like clockwork, to give your house a bit of TLC is such a relief — it’s one less thing to think about! There’s no negotiating price, there’s no worrying about leaving out cash since all payment is done online, and there’s no stress about safety since all UrbanYou cleaners are thoroughly vetted. It just happens without you having to think about it, and for the crazy-busy mamas out there, that’s a total blessing.

Plus if you’ve got any problem areas (personally, I can never quite get the oven to sparkle) then you can add that on as an extra focus point. There’s no better feeling than coming home to a clean house — especially when you didn’t have to lift a finger!

I’m sure this room looks familiar to many other mamas out there.

For the single mama, with two bubs, a furry friend, and a property to look after in the Hills…

The service that most appealed to this Adelady was: Weekly Cleaning.


Because with two kidlets and a dog running around, there’s going to be a touch of chaos around the house. Living in the Hills means there’s lots of space (read as: more to maintain), so having a professional come past once a week to help you keep on top of everything is a life saver. It’s nice to not have to worry about cleaning constantly when you’ve got a million other things to do!

Our furry friends might just be the messiest of them all — at least they’re cute!

For the single 20-something who’s STILL learning how to live alone…

The service that most appealed to this Adelady was: Spring Cleaning.


Because living alone for the first time is a learning curve, and while I pride myself on always having a clean home, I still can’t get my shower screens as streak-free as my mum can. I’m learning (aka begging her for her tips and tricks at all times!) and usually have it looking spick and span, but having someone come in and give it a really thorough once off top-to-tail clean would help me get on top of it, so I can continue to maintain it to the standard that I like.

Apartment living with a shedding black cat is never ideal… 

For the Adelady who’s on the cusp of moving into her first home with her BF…

The service that most appealed to this Adelady was: End Of Lease Cleaning.


Because they’re moving into their new home, and with moving comes endless dust, maintenance, footprints everywhere, and a general unclean feeling after having been vacant during the moving process. No one wants to move into a home that isn’t shiny and new, but still has the faint smell of the mover’s Farmers Union Iced Coffee, BO, and has dust hovering over all the joint. So, if all it takes is a click of a few buttons to make sure your new home is sparkling, then its a no-brainer! For anyone who is moving out of a rental, this service is also fab because UrbanYou offers a 100% Bond Back guarantee. Boom.

Moving is always going to be messy… may as well make it easier with an End Of Lease clean! 

This is just a selection of the services that resonated with us — there are so many to choose from, that will be perfect for YOU. I considered throwing a raging party just so I could check out the After Party Cleaning service, or moving just so I could try the End Of Lease Cleaning service (jokes). The entire process of booking the perfect service takes 60 seconds from start to finish, with immediate, accurate pricing and secure payment, so jump online and suss out the service for you!


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