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Situated in the idyllic countryside just a few minutes outside of Millicent you’ll find Mayura Station, an unassuming little building with a globally recognised status for being AMAZING.

Let’s just start by saying that these guys aren’t mucking around when it comes to the beef that they have on offer. You might have spotted Mayura Station listed as a supplier on menus offering the “best of the best” — that’s because they don’t offer anything less than the best!

Their speciality is the full-blood Wagyu beef, a label that is unrivalled in South Australia — or Australia, for that matter. While we were at Mayura, we learnt that 95% of Wagyu sold in the Australian market is cross-bred and not pure-bred Wagyu. If it specifically states Mayura Station, then you know you’re definitely getting 100% full-blood Wagyu beef!

Another thing that we discovered is what makes these particular cows SO special. It turns out there are a couple of tricks to it… firstly, they are fed chocolate and lollies to infuse the meat with a rich flavour, and secondly, they have some of the most lush accomodation available to a cow! We can’t get the image of a cow tucked up in bed with a pillow and quilt, digging into a candy bar, out of our heads, ha!

Mayura Station has visitors that have flown in from around the world specifically to visit the Tasting Room. If you want the “real deal” experience then make sure to book your group at the Chef’s Table, where you can sit and chat to the Head Chef Mark, while he creates his masterpieces directly in front of you! The precision, skill and expertise is second-to-none, and I never could have predicted how contagious his excitement about the different cuts of meat could be.

If you’re a true meat-lover, then this has got to be something to add to your bucket list. And if you’re NOT a true meat-lover, then you should go just for the panna cotta. It’s incredible.

Millie xx



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