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Robe has a certain charm about it that I had completely forgotten about. That is, until I found myself driving down the Main Street of this salty seaside town. For some reason it was always a place that we visited as kids but as adults, it suddenly felt like it was a world away.

Well, if it is a world away then it’s a very small world after all, because it only took us 3.5hrs to get there (ok, fine, I admit — it took us 5.5hrs but that’s only because we took the “scenic route”).

Filled with delightful little coffee shops, secret haunts, the friendliest pub I might have ever visited and so many great fashion and homeware stores its incredible I didn’t come home broke, it’s no wonder that Robe is one of the Crown Jewels of the South East.

We were there for a whirlwind trip, but don’t worry Robe — we’ll be back to explore you in all your glory in no time at all!

Here are the places that we DID get to visit while we were in town… xx

Mayura Station

Situated in the idyllic countryside just a few minutes outside of Millicent you’ll find Mayura Station, an unassuming little building with a globally recognised status for being AMAZING.

Let’s just start by saying that these guys aren’t mucking around when it comes to the beef that they have on offer. You might have spotted Mayura Station listed as a supplier on menus offering the “best of the best” — that’s because they don’t offer anything less than the best!

Robe Lifestyle Properties 

Sitting just behind a sand dune and overlooking the ocean is an idyllic home just waiting for you to visit! And the best part? It’s just 1 of 30 Robe Lifestyle Properties that you can choose from!

Whether you’re a family or a group of friends, or just looking for some me-time away from the city, there is definitely the perfect accomodation ready and waiting just for you! So next time you’re thinking of coming down to explore the south-east, make sure to contact Robe Lifestyle Properties to find your perfect match.

Holiday Trading & Co.

Walking into Holiday Trading & Co is like walking into the minds of the Adelady team. You’ll find clothes, accessories, shoes, candles, items with pompoms, items with pineapples, adorable kids wear (that we secretly wish fitted us as well), indoor plants that you DEFINITELY can’t kill, and so much more. It’s honestly so amazing that you can walk through the entire shop 5 times and still find new items that you just have to have.

And a couple of other little stops along the way…

– The Robe Hotel :: We stopped here for dinner and had one of the most classic and DELICIOUS meals that we’ve had in a long time! The staff were so incredibly friendly that we ended up sharing our table with a group of them, and spent the evening belly laughing.

Image Credit :: @robehotel

– Adventurous Spoon :: We had an early start on day 2, so the quaint little coffee shop that is Adventurous Spoon absolutely saved us!

Image Credit :: @adventurous_spoon

– The Robe Bakery :: We didn’t visit this place once, but TWICE, because it was just that good! Firstly for morning tea (which may or may not have been a sausage roll…) and secondly for a giant salad roll for lunch (to make up for the sausage rolls!). These guys were so awesome, that when they heard that we had a craving for banana bread they offered to whip up an entire loaf!

Image Credit :: @robebakery_1884

– Binny :: This was one of those accidental stops that we were SO glad that we made. After spending hours at Holiday Trading & Co. we absolutely didn’t need to spend any more money, but we couldn’t resist the little hole-in-the-wall that is Binny. Not only did I discover that the lovely Catherine knew my Dad growing up, but we also got some cute new shirts!

Image Credit :: @binnywear

So there you have it folks. The very last entry in the travel diaries of Adelady Season 3. We hope you have as much fun exploring SA with these itineraries as we did writing them.

Millie xx

Millie Looker

Millie Looker

Writer, Content Creator, Events Manager and Operations sensation, she’s the backbone to ensuring Adelady runs like clockwork.

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  • Helen Braewood says:

    Thanks girls! I can’t wait to organise my roadtrip to Robe. I’ve never been to SA and your show has inspired the travel bug in me!
    Cheers.😊 Helen

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