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Guess what can stimulate your brain as much as 2000 bars of chocolate? ONE smile! And the lovely team from The Orthodontic Place in Kent Town and Hindmarsh are the ones to make sure you feel amazing about your smile, no matter how old you are!

Heading along to the orthodontist isn’t something reserved for your angsty teenage years and you don’t necessarily need heavy metal train-tracks to get perfect pearlers. Orthodontist and Owner of The Orthodontic Place Dr Sara Dudley busts a few myths for us about sorting out your teeth later in life.

I had braces as a teenager — why would I come back twenty years later?

We see people of all ages and for many reasons, but there’s two common things that bring adults to us. You may have had treatment when you were a teenager, but perhaps you didn’t keep up with wearing a retainer or wisdom teeth may have moved everything around again, so you may need to get things back into line with re-treatment.

Another common reason is self-care! Some adults may not ever have had any treatment but feel like the time has come to improve their smile. Both reasons are totally valid!

Braces are common on a teenager, but what are my options as an adult?

Typically, adult orthodontic treatment will involve either full braces or clear aligner appliances, like Invisalign. At times, a combined orthodontic treatment and jaw surgery is needed to treat more complex cases. We chat through all the options and benefits of each type of treatment and make sure we go with the best option to suit your budget and needs.

How much will it set me back?

The cost of braces versus Invisalign varies on case complexities. In general, if we’re comparing apples and apples, then Invisalign will be pricier than braces, but some people compare apples and oranges, then they get conflicting info. That’s why it’s important to come in and have a consultation to be able to get a proper quote.

What’s the cut off age for perfecting your grown-up smile?

There’s really no age limit for teeth movement, so it’s never too late. We recently had a 72-year-old patient and there was no issue with correcting their teeth. However, there needs to be a realistic expectation on what kind of teeth movement and treatment results you’ll get when treating older patients.

What would you say to someone considering straightening their teeth?

I’d say well done for being brave enough to consider orthodontic treatment. It’s a massive decision to embark on your smile journey and an investment worth making. As cheesy as it sounds, a great smile makes you and everyone around you happy.

And when you want to take that leap, the main thing is that you feel comfortable and confident that you’re in the right hands. Our team always strives to create the best smile possible for each of our patients and we love to help you.

To chat more about getting the perfect pearly whites, give Sara and her wonderful team at The Orthodontic Place a buzz on 8362 6000, or jump on their website here!

Em xx


As with all services, every person’s experience and results may vary. You should make your own assessment as to whether this is right for you.

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