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By Ellie Svanborg

Not to be too dramatic but Pinterest really did change my life.

I won’t lie to you, it wasn’t love at first sight, but our love has grown strong. You give me motivation, strength… And lots of DIY inspiration!

We met by chance, as I was sweeping through Google looking for photo inspiration — and you caught my eye. You suggested I make a ‘board’ so I gave you a chance.

If you haven’t fallen in love with Pinterest like I have, then let me introduce you both. Here are 5 reasons why YOU should check out Pinterest too…

1. Recipes, fitness motivation, wedding planning or educational resources — Pinterest has inspiration for everything.

I don’t think it matters what profession you work in. You could be a graphic designer, teacher, stylist, software developer, personal trainer, or maybe you are just after some inspiration for your next home DIY. I hear stories of teachers using Pinterest to plan out lessons, find educational resources, my Mum is even getting her garden inspiration from Pinterest.

2. Organise your boards so you keep everything sorted!

Does anyone else have that problem where they screenshot ideas that they see on Facebook, but end up losing it in their screenshots folder along with 537 other photos? That was me. Pinterest lets you organise all your ‘pins’ onto boards — think of them as folders. I recently even discovered you can create little sub-folders within these too!

3. Use it to promote your business.

This one is for the bloggers out there! Did you know Pinterest has over a WHOPPING 150 million active users? Why not use Pinterest to promote your business and website. Link all your posts to your website and watch your views go up, up and away!

4. It’s mentally stimulating.

You know that feeling when you wake up and have your first coffee of the day. Once it kicks in you feel ready to go. Pinterest is like my coffee (except that I’m usually drinking coffee while I Pinterest anyway). It keeps the creative juices flowing and gives you ideas that you’ve probably never even thought of.

Image credit: Knotting_mad

And the #1 reason of all…

5. You can now follow Adelady on Pinterest!

Yes that’s right, Adelady has made it to Pinterest! Maybe you’re planning your next getaway, trying to find somewhere to have lunch with your girlfriends, or want a recipe for a chocolate swirled baked cheesecake (yes we have that too). You can find it all at at the OFFICIAL ADELADY PINTEREST PAGE!

Adelady Guest

Adelady Guest

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