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By Hayley Pearson

WEBSITE :: Karma and Crow

WHERE :: 249 – 251 Richmond Road, Richmond SA 5033

PHONE :: (08) 8352 5104

Everyone goes on and on and ON about Karma and Crow. And now I’m one of those people…

I promise to be brief, but if you haven’t been yet, you really DO need to know about this hidden gem on Richmond Road.

Located between the city and the sea, Karma and Crow has been kickin’ around Richmond since 2016.

From the street, you could be fooled into thinking this cafe is some sort of garden warehouse but take a look closer and you’ll find it’s a food, garden and art wonderland!

Karma and Crow offer super tasty (and very photogenic) meals 6 days a week — they aren’t open on Tuesdays. The best part? You can devour their famous breakfasts, at ANY time of the day. We love an all-day brekky menu!

Their brew is as good as their food too — using locally roasted coffee to make your double shot lattes even more punchier!

Oh and speaking of “punch” — you can get an extra pep in your step with a serve of SA’s Mischief Brew cold brew coffee!

While waiting for your food to arrive, you’re free to meander amongst the locally made products that are often on show. When I went, there was hand made jewellery, vegan skincare, scented candles and other bits and bobs. They mix it up regularly so you’ll often get a new shopping experience every time you go!

Image credit: Karma and Crow

Aside from their ridiculously tasty brews and food, the thing that sets Karma and Crow apart is it’s also home to local artists and creatives.

Artists can rent our their studios! If you have an art-loving friend, let them know this could be their new home! I’m thinking about becoming an artist just so I can take advantage of the perks — free wifi, free parking, security, full time access, and most importantly 10% off food and a free coffee per day at Karma and Crow! Just enquire within.

So, like every one else, I could go ON and ON about this place — but I’ll shut up and you can go and see it for yourselves!

Hayley x

Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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