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By Millie Looker

My snooze button gives me exactly 9 more minutes of shut-eye… which means most mornings are spent calculating exactly how many more times I can afford to hit snooze before I’m really, REALLY late. Pro — I’ve become exceptionally good at any maths calculation involving the number 9. Con — My morning exercise routine is virtually non-existent.

When it comes to exercise, we’re always told that consistency and variety is the secret. If it’s losing weight, building muscle or finding a way to manage stress — we all know we need to get moving, and more.

But finding the right kind of exercise environment that gets you leaping out of bed (while juggling work, social life and family) can be a challenge! Sometimes it’s easier to just keep hitting snooze.

Enter, Club Rhythm’s Reformer Pilates studio.

If you’re on the hunt for an exercise routine that raises a sweat (and I mean a proper sweat, not a slight glow that can be copied with a dewy foundation) and works your body through mindful movement in a place that’s as friendly as it is funky, then Club Rhythm will have you jumping out of bed in no time!

Here are our 6 reasons why Club Rhythm is our latest pilates obsession…

It’s your one-stop shop… 

Between HIIT, Spin, Cross Fit or Hot Yoga, it can be exhausting to keep up with all the passing health fads, especially when you’re searching for an exercise that ticks all the fitness boxes. The best kept secret about the system Club Rhythm uses is that it combines core strength, resistance training, cardio, flexibility and mobility in one simple exercise routine on specialised Reformer beds. The best part? You’re usually lying down while you work-out!

It’s exactly what women in their thirties are screaming for…

Hayley’s words exactly — “I want to be fit and strong but without enduring hours of high impact training. My body has done it’s dash with breeding two beautiful boys, so all I really want now is to tone my core again, feel confident and less tired. I also have zero motivation to do anything on my own, so doing a class with my besties is exactly what the exercise Gods ordered”.

You don’t have to already know your s**t to take part…

Club Rhythm has been in the business of teaching and helping clients to reach their health goals using the Reformer Pilates system for 10 years. Put simply, they know their stuff! They work hard to constantly update their offerings, and they’ve recently released a new class schedule with sessions designed to Empower, Energise, and Restore.

It’s all about the vibe…

Club Rhythm is the kind of place where the instructors remember your name, tailor your workouts, and genuinely care about your progress and feedback.  No detail has been overlooked; the lighting is soft, the music is subtle and the ambience is welcoming, and non-judgemental — did we mention no posers?! Club Rhythm feels more like a day spa, than a nightclub!

Feel free to mix it up… 

While the focus is definitely on the pie-and-lattes side of things, if you so happened to want access to cardio and weights equipment, members have access to Club Rhythm’s fully equipped gym too – BONUS.

You get wicked abs… 

Let’s face it, one of the main reasons that we exercise is to be the hottest version of ourselves. We all want our very own peach bum and six-pack, and even if you can’t quite see it you’ll know that after some regular sweat sessions at Club Rhythm, it will be there.

Millie xx

PS :: In case we (somehow) haven’t won you over already, then feel free to try it yourselves — to celebrate 10 years in the biz, Club Rhythm are hosting a special FREE open week from the 21st of May so you can come and suss it out for yourself! Registrations are essential — more info here.

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Millie Looker

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