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By Kim Lamb

Nearly two years ago, I became one of those people and emigrated across the border into that horrible land called Victoria. As punishment for my Adelaide deflection, I’m haunted religiously by many fond food memories.

With all its fresh produce, Adelaide is a delicious, delectable city with too many culinary exploits to list. But these are the menu staples that, being 736 kilometres away, I consistently pine for:

1. Lucky Lupitas 

DISH :: Chipotle mayonesa burger or the taco de pollo

Tucked into a dingy looking strip of shops near Flinders Medical Centre, distinguished only by its neon sign, you wouldn’t expect to find the best tasting Mexican food outside of Mexico here. But, bam! Your tastebuds are about to be assaulted (in a good way). I would (and have) happily join the hoards and line up two hours for a chipotle-dripping burger from Lucky Lupitas*. The chicken taco is just as much of a dream boat.

*Relocating soon.

FullSizeRenderImage credit: @kate_copeland

2. Melt Pizzeria 

DISH :: Turk pizza

I’m not normally a big fan of lamb, like I avoid it as I would brussels sprouts, but the combo of lamb, pine nuts, pomegranate, yoghurt, mint and sumac works. It works as well as chocolate melted over popcorn. On a recent drive back to Adelaide, I refused to get Tailem Bend Subway for dinner, instead holding out the 200 kilometres for a late-night Turk pizza. By the time I got to King William Road, I was a crazed lady snatching at the pizza box, Usain Bolting out the door and sinking into the footpath to devour the first oh my gawd piece.

DSC_0914Image credit:

3. Press* Food & Wine 

DISH :: Pork belly

Just like lamb, I don’t really like pork either. Generally I would rather eat a bulb of garlic slathered in fish sauce and paprika than eat pork. The exception to this is absurdly bacon and Press* Food & Wine’s pork belly. AMAZING 10 times over. Their long tables means you can dine in large groups and there’s enough room for as many sharing plates as you want.

12193275_823360527784060_6762838524829336876_nImage credit: Press* Food & Wine

4. Parisi’s 

DISH :: Campagnola fettuccini

Parisi’s has a little special home in my heart because it’s here that I first laid eyes on my now husband, mid slurping up a big bowl of campagnola fettuccini, with chicken, avocado, pesto, tomato, Spanish onion and rosé sauce. I’m not too sure if I fell in love with his eyes at that moment or if I was just high on carbs.

1610953_858956044158138_4435737907845162943_nImage credit: Parisis Restaurant

5. Singapore House 


You can’t go wrong with a feast of salt and pepper squid or tofu, butter chicken, potato dumplings, Singapore noodles, soft shell crab and cheese naan at this Asian fusion establishment that’s reminiscent of the colonial era. The only problem is trying to claw back enough table space to fit all the dishes you’ve ordered.

12278672_442202915969309_935252261704142381_nImage credit: Singapore House

 6. Star of Siam

DISH ::  Spicy crispy prawn

I may get deported out of Victoria for saying this but Adelaide’s Thai institution on Gouger Street, Star of Siam, satays all over Melbourne’s equivalent, Chin Chin, and doesn’t require you to line up for minimum three hours to be seated. The crispy prawns tossed in homemade curry paste, capsicum and cashew nuts is more heavenly than Liam Hemsworth. A special participation award must also go to the sea star minced prawn, squid and chicken dumplings, which are slathered in a mind-blowing mild red curry sauce.

11351237_905815492794111_8775518482799084881_nImage credit: Star of Siam

7. Pantry on Egmont 

DISH :: Fresh juices

The watermelon and apple juice at this vintage-vibed café is as good as a Berocca after a big night out at Rocket Bar. A special mention needs to go to the Burger on Egmont, which is equally as good at soaking up the excesses of the night before with its best mate, side of fries.

1743721_956800221003081_9043386622796855446_nImage credit: Pantry on Egmont

8. Froth and Fodder

DISH :: Smashed avocado

I’m a big smashed avocado connoisseur (read snob), and you don’t get much better in the avo smash stakes than Froth and Fodder. You’ll be shocked to find the best smashed avocado, poached eggs, grilled haloumi, fresh rocket, sourdough toast combo in the entire land in this cute hipster café that’s tucked in behind a Coles and Kmart in Kurralta Park.

12063167_1643020142625850_1985597599_nImage credit: @a_girls_gotta_eat_adl

9. Sosta 

:: Steak

After a big, stressful week at work it was a little ritual of mine to roll up on Sosta’s doorstep come Friday. A hunk of steak, served with crispy fried potatoes, always restores what’s right in the world again.

3Image credit:

I hate to ask given it will just add to my never-ending Adelaide food dreams but please remind me what I’ve missed!

Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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