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The Adelaide Fringe just keeps on getting BIGGER and BETTER each year! We love seeing all of you getting behind the local talent and events, and just generally loving our city sick.

While we wish we could go and see every single show, experience all the venues, be surprised by all the pop-ups and eat and drink our way through all the stalls, it’s just physically impossible.

So we are officially asking YOU to help us create the biggest review list of every single show that the Adelaide Fringe has to offer!

This is how it works:

– Go and explore the amazing Adelaide Fringe Festival.

– Email us 2 sentences about the show that you saw – what you thought of it, what your favourite part was, is it suitable for kids or adults?

– Include your first name, and the suburb that you are from.

– We will add your review at the top of this article, so the rest of Adelaide can check out your thoughts and pick which show they might like to go and see!

We can’t wait to hear from you. Happy Fringe, everyone!

Lots of love, Adelady xx

Djuki Mala 

“WHAT. A. SHOW. This is a must see, I don’t want to ruin it for you but OMG It starts off as one thing and then ends up as another, you don’t see it coming – the most amazing dancers…. All I will say is #zorba xx” – Georgia, Aberfoyle Park.

By A Thread

“Presented by One Fell Swoop Circus, By A Thread is a mesmerising performance showcasing the raw strength of seven dynamic acrobats as they redefine aerial acrobatics with one thirty metre piece of rope! Co-directed by Charice Rust and Jonathan Morgan, the Melbourne based company will grace the Peacock stage in Gluttony across 15 nights during the 2018 Adelaide Fringe Festival. By A Thread offers viewers rich visuals of inventive acrobatics as the all-Australian cast manipulate and suspend their bodies without the assistance of rigging and hardware. Rather, the performers engage in the ultimate trust exercise, depending solely on the strength of other ensemble members.” – Sophie, Semaphore.


“Comedian, Marcus Willis is performing his outrageous new comedy show, Perjagulant, during this seasons Adelaide Fringe Festival at Raj House. The show compares the life of Marcus’ Grandad, who hand wrote daily diary entries, to Marcus’ own life, as noted on Instagram, Google It, Air Tasker and more. The award-winning personality is renowned for outlandish cheek and irreverent humour and his latest project is no exception.” – Sarah, Edwardstown.

Comfort Food Cabaret

“Seriously the best show I’ve seen at the Fringe the last two years, you get entertained by Michelle’s AMAZING voice and get fed. The food is incredible and like no show I’ve ever seen. Kids could defiantly see this show but I’d say from 8years up.” – Loren, South Plympton

“I enjoyed Michelle’s easy going storytelling, her passionate singing and nature.  The food, music and atmosphere created by her and her team is a must, and is classic Adelaide Fringe. I enjoyed the food the most. And I’d say it’s suitable for children 12 and over.” – Barry, South Plympton

“I saw Comfort Food Cabaret on Saturday – it is easily my favourite of the Fringe so far this year. Michelle and her team put together a show that was witty, nostalgic and moving, using the food and music to bring everything together into a performance that really worked. Not to mention the food (which was both delicious and offered great value for money!), Michelle has an awesome voice that could have a show all of its own!” – Julie, Exeter

“So many, but given my love of good music and good food I loved Comfort Food Cabaret. I had seen Michelle Pearson sing jazz before and her voice is amazing (heard her sing star spangled banner at an event too and nail it!) But to combine that with some funny stories and delicious food is a perfect night out.” – Stacey, Adelaide

“If you haven’t already ladies, do yourself a favor and head to ‘Comfort Caberet’! A show that is not only entertaining.. but they FEED YOU TOO!!!! I’m pretty sure this is what dreams are made of! :)” – Lauren, Adelaide

“Best show  this year is comfort food cabaret!! Michelle has the most amazing  singing voice and creates delicious food while delivering a great show. I laughed, i cried, i got goosebumps. A must see.” – Laura, Sheidow Park

“I went to the show last weekend and found it surprisingly funny, loved hearing Michelle’s experiences that led her to this point. The food was AMAZING! Haven’t been able to stop thinking about that grilled halloumi and THAT VOICE! WOW! We loved it and am trying to figure out the next weekend we can take some friends and go again.” – Jaqui, Seaford Meadows

Circus Abyssinia

“It’s a good show, there’s definite “omg” moments where they do some really spectacular stuff, either side of the “guy in the middle” is really good. The guy in the middle was a little slow, but still worth checking this show out” – Ryan, Woodcroft.

A Simple Space

“This year is the THIRD time I’ve seen this show, and while they mixed it up, most of it was the same and it STILL doesn’t get old. Their strength is mind blowing, their fun is infectious and their support of each other is charming. Seriously, if you see ONE show at Fringe this year, let it be A Simple Space. It’ll have your mind BLOWN” – Georgia, Unley.


“Was worried about the 11:15pm time for this, and crashing before it even began, but this show will energise and excite like no other. Less a show, and more “mass-karaoke” like the name suggests. It’s just a bunch of fun loud people singing classic karaoke songs. It’s even interactive with real-time voting too! Seriously, this is a REALLY fun way to have an awesome late night in the garden. The DJ set to follow just keeps the party going too!!!”- Thomas, Welland.

Choir Of Man

“100% recommend, not because they are British like me but because of their pure talent!! @choirofman MUST SEE!” – Dan, Norwood.

Fun House

“Fun House speaks for itself. It’s loud, it’s crazy and it’s FUN! Thrilling acrobatics, hilarious gags and brilliant mimes. Plus, as a bonus, it’s a family show at a family time. My kids loved it, but not as much as my wife and I did! 5 stars” – Pete, Glengowrie.


“Rouge was a fabulous, spectacular, sparkly, raunchy, sexy show that is definitely not for children! There’s boobs and balls – what a night! Bloody loved it.” – Steph, Prospect.

Robbie Kay – Illusionist

“Another one to check out! Robbie Kay, magician. Saw him last year, fantastic!” – Janelle, Adelaide.

Jackson Vs Jackson

“Jackson Vs Jackson combines everything you love about Michael and Janet into a heartwarming performance that will leave you desperate for more. The dedication and talent shown on stage by these incredible performers is something not to be missed, especially if you want to see a show that will make you “rock the night away”. – Maisie, Payneham.

Blanc de Blanc

“Entertaining, seductive, funny and fascination, cabaret and acrobatic talent with lots of Champagne a real must would love to go again” – Christine, Adelaide.

Red Bastard: Lie With Me

“Wow  the most confronting, funny, thought provoking show – just when you thought you knew the rules of love – think again! Im not sure I’ll look at any of my fellow audience members the same way again – they’re all proven liars (as am I – thanks Red Bastard)” – Sue, Adelaide.

Ben Hart – Belief

“Completely mind blown – what the??   A fantastic storyteller with tricks that leave your mouth hanging open – and wait till you see the last trick of all – just wow” – Sue, Adelaide.

A Paper Tale: The Adelaide Office Live

“It’s the Adelaide version of The Office that we didn’t know we needed! While there is inspiration taken from the TV show, Andy Trimmings has managed to spin a level of originality and creativity by making each character memorable and individualistic in their own way. Humour intertwined into the team building session that ends up saving a company from going obsolete. It’s a show that you do not want to miss!” – Fatema, Morphetville

A Frayed Knot

“Another show that I’d recommend is one for the kids! Not usually big on attending kids shows, I found DADO’s show “A Frayed Knot” to be one that not only delivered in the laughter meter (on a high level) but also allowed the kids to find themselves connecting with a man who only appeared to be a bit scary to look at, but actually had the charisma of a lovable teddy bear. If you have a child who is easy going, enthusiastic, and loves participating in show and tell sort of shows, they’ll have a ball(oon) of a time with DADO. The show brings together a bit of illusion, a bit of humour, and a lot of heart warming moments” – Fatema, Morphettville.


“Driftwood was honestly an amazing show. The things that these people could do with their bodies was just beyond belief – also the girls in the show are so strong and often had the guys on their shoulders. I love it ADELADIES doing us all proud and swapping the stereotypes around” – Lauren, Belair.

Soweto Gospel Choir

“If you’re anything like me… then accapella music just makes your heart sing. Soweto Gospel Choir is from South Africa and they perform traditional South African music as well as modern stuff as well. You can’t help but get out of your seat and feel it in your soul. What an experience!” – Lauren, Belair.

Attrape Moi!

“A perfectly balanced show – and I’m not just talking about the trapeze. With slapstick humour and sweet poignancy, a great soundtrack and six delightful artists performing incredible acrobatic feats, our family was entranced for the entire 75 minute show. Our three year old wanted to watch it again immediately, and the rest of us would have happily done so too. See it! You really must” – Beth, Birkenhead.

Eleanor Conway’s Walk Of Shame

“Within minutes of walking on stage, Eleanor feels like someone you can chat to and share stories with, since she shares her stories with such refreshing honesty and humour. Her show is not for the faint hearted but it is for the people that love a good laugh but can be bought back down to earth as well. Very funny and totally wild!” – Millie, Rostrevor.

Tabarnak – Cirque Alfonse

“Started a little slowly and looked slightly unrehearsed in the early parts, but as the show went on it became more interesting and the stunts became much more entertaining (and daring). 7/10 mainly because the majority of the show is in French / Latin – but definitely one for the whole family to go to” – Alan, Taperoo.

360 Allstars

“If there is only one show you see at this year’s Fringe Festival, go see 360 Allstars. Highly energetic with fantastic vibe including street performers, breakdancing, circus, basketball, rapping, drumming etc. Great to appreciate the talent and know these people are showcasing themselves around the world at all the renowned cultural festivals. PS be warned, it is loud!” – Janelle, North Adelaide.

Millie Looker

Millie Looker

Writer, Content Creator, Events Manager and Operations sensation, she’s the backbone to ensuring Adelady runs like clockwork.


  • Cheryl says:

    Comfort Food Cabaret- amazing show – Michelle weaves a wonderful story of songs, food and cooking – great evenings entertainment. Pulls at the heart strings – raw and real emotion. Suitable for 10yrs and up

  • ‘Alcohol is Good For You Too’ – Sam Kissajukian has a wicked, cynical sense of humour and a captivating ability to tell stories. He seemingly always tells the truth which really gains the audiences love and trust. What makes this show so special and fun though is that every time a joke doesn’t go down well with the audience, Sam will drink a shot of vodka! You will either witness a smashing hour of stand-up comedy or a drunk man attempt to crowd-surf off the stage – A hilarious night regardless! – Olivia, London

  • ‘Comedy Boxing’ – This show could not have been more fun! Comedy Boxing combines guaranteed laugh-out-loud gags with actual on-stage boxing. The show consists of three comedians from across the globe who battle in three rounds of controversial comedy in order to gain the audiences vote. The loser then has to fight their component unarmed! This is the perfect late-night show for all of those who want to grab a beer, have a laugh and get a bit rowdy. Heckling is also greatly encouraged! – Olivia, London

  • ‘The King of Comedy’ – Kyle legacy, or ‘The King of Comedy’ as he calls himself, was an absolute delight to watch on stage. Kyle doesn’t appear to actually write any jokes or script any material and so is a master of the crowd work and improvised gags! Kyle plays with the audience with a constant cheeky grin plastered across his face with his comedic style being somewhat boyish, playful and naughty! By the end of the show you can’t help but fall in love with this lovely, Liverpudlian lad. Long Live the King! – Olivia, London

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