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By Millie Looker

It’s impossible not to love the Adelaide CBD. We’ve got more pretty parklands than we do skyscrapers, our bar scene is starting to rival the big leagues in Sydney and Melbourne, and if you’re more “espresso” than “martini” then there are close to a billion* chic little cafes and restaurants popping up on the daily.

*number might be slightly inflated, but it definitely FEELS like a billion.

For some reason though, when we start to look at where we want to set up our homes we lean towards the familiarity of the suburbs (helloooooo Burnside, darling). I get that, the suburbs are beautiful. But so is the city!

Here are our top 10 reasons why you should think about living in the Adelaide CBD…

Our opinion may or may not have been swayed by the fact we just visited the brand new Central Adelaide Apartments in the heart of our CBD. I mean, would you look at that view? Who doesn’t want their own infinity pool?

Adelaide Central Markets

The Adelaide Central Markets are just that – CENTRAL! That means that you really have no choice but to eat the freshest produce that SA has to offer. Ahh it’s a tough life! On top of that, you can also choose from every cuisine under the sun on those nights when you just don’t know what you want for dinner.

Local Cafes

Chances are that you have 17 chic new cafes on your block alone (chances also are that we have tried them all – we’re quite partial to a chai latte and a slice of banana bread!) You’re completely spoilt for choice so you can pick your local fave or cafe-hop like there’s no tomorrow!


While Uber has totally changed the game at the end of a *long* night out on the town, what could possibly be easier than stumbling the 2 blocks home to your apartment, shoes and yiros in hand? Plus you can always incorporate your apartment in your pub crawl to change those totally-cute-but-really-painful heels you impulse bought earlier in the day in Rundle Mall. WINNER!


If you’re worried that you’ll miss the leafy green outdoors when you don’t have a backyard, you are WRONG! Every parkland in the city (and we have a lot) suddenly becomes your very own backyard and we guarantee you won’t miss having a 4m x 4m enclosure for the kids to run around in when they’re chasing butterflies in the Botanic Gardens. So we’ll see you in the Japanese Garden – you bring the picnic!


Ahhh the tram, how we love you. Not only are there a tonne of obvious perks, like not having to worry about traffic or parking, a super simple system, and a hands-free tour of our beautiful city every time you jump on, but the people-watching is ACE!

Adelaide Oval

You literally have the biggest sporting matches and concerts right outside your door. While your mates are organising complex travel plans leaving their house 36 hours before kick-off, you’re casually wandering out your front door 20 minutes from start time with time to stop off for a quick drink at 2KW on the way through. Need we say more?

The River Torrens

This hub of activity literally has everything we’ve just mentioned, and more. Adelaide Oval, parklands, bars, cafes, and there is ALWAYS a new initiative taking place with the stunning river as the backdrop. It’s the perfect place to walk the dog, go for a run, catch up for coffee, or just take 10 minutes for yourself outside of the hustle and bustle of your life.


This should really be numero uno as there is nothing more important than feeling safe in your own home. Apartment living in the middle of the city gives you a great sense of security since help is never far away and it’s really secure and privatised, which is great if you’ve got little munchkins running around. Sometimes it’s nice just knowing someone is there if you need them.


Not only do you have the entire city and your neighbours keeping you company on the reg, but you’ve also got a great excuse to invite your friends over to a central point for a rooftop BBQ and drinks with a view of the entire city, which leads us into our final point…

The View

We might not have hundreds of dazzling sky scrapers or lights to rival Times Square in NYC, but what we do have is a humble little twinkle town that looks just as beautiful as anywhere else in the world.

Central Adelaide Apartments have the most sensational roof top! With million dollar 360degree views of the city, a massive BBQ, even a mini golf course, it’s absolutely amazing!

How lucky we are to call this “little country town on steroids” home x


Interested in living in the city? Check out the new Belle Property Central Adelaide property listings here. They have stunning limited 2/3 bedroom apartments and pent houses available.


To see it for yourself, check out our tour here:

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