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Building or renovating a house — it may be one of the biggest investments you make in your life. It can be exciting, educational and creative. It can also be downright stressful and overwhelming. Get the right builder and it’s a whole different kettle of fish!

We suggest you do your research — and do it well! Meet a bunch of different builders and make sure you find one that suits YOU. Because not every builder suits everyone.

We found our perfect fit, in Dave.

At 34, Dave’s a dad of three gorgeous little boys, he’s a husband, a friend, a family man. He’s the owner of Residence Building Group and he’s a new-aged builder!

After 18 years in the industry, Dave’s got 47 projects and over 300 carpentry jobs under his belt. But ask him his favourite part of each day and he’ll happily tell you, it’s meeting his clients. This is why we connect with him — he’s got heart!

And so you can get to know him too, we asked Dave to share what being a new-aged builder means to him…

Traditionally, a ‘builder’ is someone who constructs something by putting parts or
material together. A ‘new age builder’ is more of a a broad movement, characterised by alternative approaches to traditional Western culture. We’re interested in spirituality, mysticism, holism, and environmentalism.

These days, the home is such an important part of everyone’s lives and to create it or recreate it, is such a great responsibility.

In fact, it’s an absolute privilege to build for people and to turn their dreams into a reality. I fully appreciate the level of trust I am ensued with — so I make sure I’m there with every step of the way. And it’s not easy — it’s an enormous investment for people so there are hurdles, there are disagreements, and it’s human nature to change your mind along the way. I’m here as a ‘new aged’ builder, to facilitate those ups and downs and to help you make the right decision for your family.

For nine to 12 months I become part of your family — a sounding board and sometimes a medium between couples who disagree. I’m also at the brunt of emotionally charged feedback. Some days, I’ll get praise and others, I’ll get burnt — but it never deters me. Because I’d do the same thing, this is something that probably only happens once or twice in your lifetime, so I want you to be beyond happy with the process and the outcome.

One of the things nobody tells you when you’re renovating is that sometimes knocking down parts of houses that have had memories, is really bloody difficult AND emotional! I fully respect these feelings and it’s my duty to remain calm, empathetic and guide you through the experience.

The Residence Team is full of quality human beings from all walks of life — and we all have the same mindset — we just what to do the right thing by our clients, backed up with high-end results, and, of course, enjoy the process. My team understands that building a house is not a robotic, logistical process. It’s full of every emotion under the sun and will shape many years and memories for you and your family in the years ahead.

It’s simple — a new aged builder is happy to be part of the process. If you’re thinking about building or renovating, let’s start a conversation.  Email me any time — I’d love to meet you!

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Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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