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  By Alice Mary Events

My obsession at the moment is Copper! Whether I was designing a house or styling a wedding this fashionable metal would be making an appearance. Copper can be used in so many ways at a wedding, from the cutlery to the flower vessels, lighting, favour tags, backdrops, the list is endless.

inspo-weddings-copper-love-1Image 1: (Pinterest Image from

It can be used to create a slightly industrial feel as well as a luxe, sophisticated feel depending on what it is paired with. For example, you could mix it with golds, bronzes and other metallics or even white and acrylics to create a very modern, sophisticated, glam style or alternatively you could pair it with wood, tin and other raw metals to produce an industrial or rustic style. You can see some of the different ways it can be incorporated into an event in these photos.

I love the glam look of the copper coloured sequins in the tablecloth in image 1. In contrast, the copper vase paired with the ‘natural’, ‘semi-wild’ flower arrangement in image 3 fits a completely different style which is more rustic/industrial.

The uses for this trendy metal are abundant and I, personally, will be using it whenever the opportunity arises!

Alice xx

inspo-weddings-copper-love-3Image 2: (Pinterest Image from

inspo-weddings-copper-love-4Image 3: (Pinterest image

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