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WARNING: if you’re related to me, stop reading this article right now! It’s sure to spoil at least a few of your Christmas presents.

Phew, now that that disclaimer is out of the way… Merry Christmas everyone! The craziness is well and truly here, and I’m still building my Christmas gift list. Am I unorganised, or just putting extra special thought and care into my gifts? You’ll never know!

A few days ago, we got to act as Christmas elves and hand out vouchers to unsuspecting shoppers to spend at City Cross. As much as I’m all about selflessly giving, it did make me think… what would I buy for my friends and fam these holidays if I had some cash to splash at City Cross?

Checking out other people’s shopping baskets gave me some great inspo, and because it’s the season of giving I figured I’d share these Chrissy present ideas with you too. You’re welcome!

Millie xx

For your mama bear… head into Minimax, pick up literally anything in the store, and we guarantee your mum will love it. It’s just that kind of wonderland.

For your darling dad… you’ll always be a winner with gadgets. Go big and nab him a new TV, or downsize it and get him a pair of noise cancelling headphones so he can spend the rest of the festive season pretending he can’t hear you.

For the grandies… you can’t go past Charlesworth Nuts. No, really, you can’t just walk past those inviting smells of warm roasted cashews, it’s physically impossible. Their gift packs make buying a present for your sweet grandparents a piece of cake.

For the little tackers… pop into Blackeby’s and buy enough old-school candy to have your little cousins going bonkers until it’s time for them to go back to school. You’ll automatically be a crowd favourite (with the kids, I can’t say the same for their parents).

For your bro… head into EB Games and buy him the latest and greatest Playstation toy. Doesn’t matter if he’s 15 or 45, I’m yet to see a brother that doesn’t love a video game. Now to work out what’s currently “cool”… is Call Of Duty still a thing?

For your sister act… Karma Living not only have some of the most beautiful and thoughtful gifts, but the overall vibe of their items will subdue any potential sibling arguments these holidays. It’s win-win!

For your hubby… pop into Rebel Sport and grab him some new workout gear or sporting equipment. Just make sure you give this gift carefully. You absolutely don’t want ANYONE mistakenly thinking you’re hinting that they need to get in shape.

For your wifey… whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend bloody nailed it, and Archer and Holland have some of the finest pieces going around. The beautiful team will work with your style, preferences, and budget to make sure you’ve blitzed Christmas.

For your BFF4L… treat her to a pampering session fit for a queen at House of Polish & Nails (seriously, their pedicure chairs are actual giant thrones). And you know what? Book yourself in for a mani / pedi combo while you’re there because after all that shopping, you deserve it.

Millie Looker

Millie Looker

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