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Image credit :: Jimmies Restaurant

I’m not decisive at the best of times but I never hesitate to inhale pizza for dinner and my fave place is Jimmies Restaurant in Crafers! I’ve been hitting it up for well over half my life and while I’m not exclusive — I have seen other pizza places in my time — I come back to Jimmies time and time again.

The menu, of course, changes over time but these constants just keep sucking me back in.

Here’s an ode to my true love, Jimmies Restaurant

Image credit :: Jimmies Restaurant

1. Wood Fire Pizzas

Prosciutto, Pumpkin and Zataar, Moroccan Chicken, Maria’s Margarita… my biggest stress when I go here is how I can fit a family size of ANY of their wood fire pizzas in my body, I love them all! I’m mildly allergic to prawns and still can’t go past a slice of the Garlic Prawn pizza… eek!

2. More than just pizza

It’s not just the pizza that’s divine here! They do rustic Italian food exceptionally well… check out the handmade Gnocchi, Parmigiana, the Salt and Pepper Squid, even the Rocket and Parmesan salad has some sort of sorcery-magic going on… I’d drink the dressing if it wasn’t deemed as socially inappropriate.

Image credit :: Jimmies Restaurant

3. The adventure

Set at the base of Mt Lofty in the Adelaide Hills, you feel like you’re a world away in this century-old stone building in a quaint little part of the world… when, in fact, you’re just 7 minutes from the bottom of the freeway.

4. The setting

This historic little part of my hometown was once the local post office, before becoming this charming pizza restaurant in 2002, and it’s continued to evolve since. Now, this welcoming low-key restaurant has two separate dining areas for groups, the main restaurant with a crackling open fire in winter, and a terraced courtyard perfect for summer nights under the stars.

  Image credit :: Jimmies Restaurant

5. The kids are alright

My enormous family of five siblings and ten kids between us means a get-together requires space and the patience of a saint. Our brood’s always been welcome at Jimmies, whether we hang under the fairy lights of the courtyard in the warmer months, or book one of the side rooms indoors. Add wine and everyone’s having a ball!

6. The popcorn chicken

This deserves its own point. I often order this for my kids, but they’re lucky to get a look in once a tub of these zesty little bites hits the table.

Image credit :: Jimmies Restaurant

7. The people

Being welcomed into a restaurant like old friends is what takes a nice dining experience into one you want to shout from the rooftops. The Zahra family is focused on making this difference and it shows every time you walk through the door to big smiles from the staff.

8. The vino line up

There’s plenty of good drops on the drink menu, but the list is packed with plenty of local names, including Sidewood, Deviation Road, and Pike & Joyce just to name a few. Apart from the fact that they’re all incredible brands themselves, the camaraderie amongst locals makes my heart sing with pride.

Image credit :: Jimmies Restaurant

9. Just a click away

And finally, something that those of you on the plains may take for granted… we’re a tad old school up here and delivery is pretty limited. When I heard that Jimmies had set up local app, Restaurant Runner, I went overboard and ordered so much I felt the need to yell “dinner’s here!” so the driver wouldn’t judge the fact that I ordered a three-course-meal for one. It’s just that good!

There you have it, nine solid reasons to check out Jimmies — be kind to your tastebuds and check this gem out next time you get the munchies.

Em xx

Jimmies Restaurant
6 Main Street, Crafers


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