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By Laura Bakhtiarian

Here are some of my personal tips to get you ready for the sweet, hot, summer dayz in Adelaide — tried and tested!


Daylight savings is here and studies show that morning people are happier and more successful than night owls. I decided to put it to the test, and I’ve got to say… I’m feeling pretty happy! This is a great time to find that little bit of quiet time just for you, whether it’s an extra hour in the morning to read the next chapter of your favourite book, or just a moment to sit somewhere quiet and enjoy that first cup of coffee in peace before the kids wake up!

Anyone can become a morning person, it’s simply a matter of taking ACTION! The “I can’t wake up” attitude is just a habit that we all need to snap out of (and it’s sooo much easier when the mornings are warm and sunny)!


Smoothie bowls…. what’s all the fuss about? The “short and sweet” answer is that it’s a way to enjoy smoothies with a spoon instead of drinking them with a straw. …  How fancy! But there’s more to it than just a change in drinking utensil – there are actual real health benefits too!

Most smoothie bowls are made from nutritious ingredients. The base of a smoothie bowl typically contains healthy green vegetables (eat your greens!) such as kale or spinach, which are rich in vitamins and fiber. Mix in a cup of fresh or frozen berries and yummo!

The other ingredients that you can include add protein and healthy fats. The liquid and fiber in a smoothie bowl help to fill your tummy, keeping the urge to snack at bay!

*Fist pumps the air*

Smoothie bowls are easy enough to make, so here is a great recipe for you to try.

And if you’re on the run, here are just a few of our faves around Adelaide too:

Nutrition Republic

The Seller Door 

Argo Espresso 


The Plantation Juice Co

Raw Conscious Eatery 


Get your butt moving! Just move it! MOVE IT! MOVE IT!

It could be as simple as a walk along one of SA’s coastlines — and we have some of the best to offer. Walking your furry friend, child or granny the 4.2km walk from Glenelg to Brighton is one of my favourites, as it’s a scenic and easy trail for everyone to enjoy!

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, how about a weekend hike? You can check out some of our favourite trails here. Just remember, the bigger the hills the more your legs will tone up!

Spin classes are always another good one, and you can move at your own speed. Spin is good for your knees and GREAT for that booty!

Another great all rounder that I have recently discovered (and fallen in love with) is Pilates. KX Pilates to be precise! WOWZERS! My abs of steel are going to be HOT this summer — not to mention my butt!

A fun and very unsuspecting workout for those summer bodies to take shape is a Bounce fitness class. I can personally say I’ve done it and OUCH! But luckily it’s fun enough to leave you wanting more.


It’s important to feel good. Simple feel good vibes have a huge role in how you view your day. For me personally, simple things work best, including:

– Indulging in a nice candle and allowing it to burn every night from dinner through to when I go to bed. I’m currently burning an Etikette Candle in the flavour “Heysen – in Espresso” (it smells soooooo good).

– I like to buy fresh flowers the day I clean my house. They just put me in a good mood (at least for a few days ha!)

– I try to reflect on anything that upset me during the day and turn it into a positive. For example: “stepped in dog s**t which totally sucked… but I got a new pair of shoes out of it so WIN!”

– My new nightly ritual is drinking peppermint tea. It helps my digestion at night (which is usually necessary thanks to the sneaky chocolate I inhale 10 mins before bed time) and gets me all nice and fuzzy for a solid night’s sleep.

So, trust me… I am the laziest of all people when it comes to my health and fitness! But I have done all of the above and I’m loving it (promise)!

I feel good, I feel happy, I feel like the better me!

Laura x

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