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AHHHH school’s about to go back – how did that time fly by so fast! As we head into Term 1 it’s totally normal for both kids and parents to be feeling some nervous butterflies – for parents, it’s usually along the lines of: will my child have friends, will my child keep up with the school work, will my child get the help and attention that they need?

One thing that is SO important for a child at school is that they are confident and comfortable with the work that is being given to them. If the work is “too hard” or “too much” then it can have a much larger impact on them, starting with embarrassment, stress, and a lack of confidence as the work continues to progress.

Deciding on whether your child might need some extra help can be a tricky line to walk, but the good thing to know is that it is NEVER A BAD IDEA. Even if there aren’t any obvious issues, getting some extra one-on-one help will do nothing except build on exisiting skills – and there ain’t nothing wrong with that! Regardless, we went straight to the experts to find out how to tell whether your child needs after school tuition or not…

“Determining whether you need to invest in extra tuition requires research and observation”, says Stella Walls of NumberWorks’nWords Norwood/Unley. “Combine your knowledge of your child with feedback from school reports and you’ll generally have the facts needed to make a good decision.” This is exactly what Jane* did when she decided to get extra help for her daughter.

“My daughter Sarah* had been struggling with maths at school last year. Somehow she missed some of the building blocks in maths and just couldn’t understand the basics. Homework was a nightmare for both of us as I too was frustrated that she couldn’t do simple additions, or tell the time, let alone multiplication. To get the homework done I would end up telling her the answers which wasn’t helping her at all! 

Earlier this year I took her along toNumberWorks’nWords for a free assessment. They point out where she needed help and the staff there have been fantastic. I cannot sing their praises loudly enough. In a few short weeks, Sarah had mastered telling the time, and was on her way with multiplication and strategies for adding & subtraction. After one term of NumberWorks’nWords she has surprised her teachers and peers with her ability to know the answers in class. Her confidence and enjoyment in maths has soared and she looks forward to tutoring each week. Homework is no longer a nightmare & I can see Sarah getting better and better”.

If you would like to see how NumberWorks’nWords can help your child phone Stella now for a free assessment on 8333 2121 or visit

*Names have been changed.

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