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By Simone Mundy

The best part of having an open access fringe festival – in fact the second biggest in the world, the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere (just saying) is that there really is a Fringe show for everyone – no matter what type of Adelady you are.

Here is my ultimate Fringe Show guide for all Adeladies!

16112551_643754869142066_8507343775130251523_oImage credit: Backseat of The Bus Creative

:: The Adelady Art Tourist

Download the Adelaide Fringe Street Art Map here and immerse your eyeballs in colour and shape

:: The Adelady Swinger

I don’t mean couple swapping but let’s be honest –Adelaide’s Hugh Sherdian (and Fringe Ambassador) might be the reason you consider it. Head down California Crooners Club for a night of jazz meets Jay Z. Described as the modern day rat pack –or as my friend Flower did – #mancrushmonday

If you like your swing less Sintara and more postmodern jukebox, check out The Swingers Club with Adelaide’s vocal divas from The Boswell Project, Kylie Ferriera and Louise Messenger and their band “the Sultans of Swing”.  There’s even a free swing dance class beforehand with your booking and yeah if your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance, Well they’re no friends of mine. (If you got that last reference, we’re old)

:: The Adelady Diva


Who Run the World? If you know the answer, then join Bey Dance to learn the moves of Queen B in these beginner friendly Run the World workshops that finish with a flash mob after each Sunday session.

And if you like your interpretative dance to feature a good old sing song I will see you at Massaoke. That’s right – Mass Karaoke. It’s more fun than you imagine.  Live bands with lyrics across large screens and a dancefloor full of friends belting out the classics- that’s right you are all the lead singers of this band.

And speaking of Sing-A- Longs. A friend of mine used to have an act where she would do a lip sync to Alanis Morrisette. It was, and still is, one the most entertaining things I have ever seen. I can’t wait for Jagged Little SingaLong and I’m bringing all the angst and grunge of the 90s.

:: The Cheeky Adelady

The one who laughs at Inappropriate Moments . We’ve all got that friend. I am that friend. Don’t ever trip in front of me, I can’t help myself.  Nudity and comedy – no I’m not talking Puppetry of The Penis, even though the pelican makes me snort. This show is HAWT! Hot Sauce Burlesque  features the hottest burlesque stars and most hilarious comedians in a not to be missed show.

I’m looking forward to Baby got Back. A show that features ass-hats. Literally. Featuring an all-female Australian cast comprised of dancers, vaudevillians, showgirls, puppeteers & comedians – I can’t wait for this tribute to toosh.

Featuring Fringe ambassador, Tessa Waters– book now for the two night only conSENSUAL party: Glittery Clittery.  These Women are quick witted, quirky downright Sassy and Sharp so get booking.

:: The Adelady who cares about a cause close to my heart

Breast Cancer has been a larger part of my life than I would have liked. This Saturday I will be there supporting the Annual All Star Fun Bag that always has the best acts from across the Fringe. And the best part is – everyone can come – it’s pay as you feel and ALL PROCEEDS GO BREAST SCREEEN SA. Come and laugh your tits off especially for those that had to cut them off to beat cancer.

Another act, who this cause is even closer to, is survivor Lana Schwarcz. Because F*ck Cancer and I love a lady who swears and makes me laugh. Go see Lovely Lady Lump

And that very loosely brings me to your nurse mate – we’ve all got one – take her to see Georgie Carroll- an Adelady who can no longer legally name the hospital she works at in her show Gauze and Affect – be warned she sells out so book early.

:: The Adelady Gamer

Switch off the screens and get ready to play the whole city. If you are an Adelaide local –you may never escape your past – because there’s only one degree of separation. But you can escape the crowds in the safe room hidden in Gluttony and play Escape the Past – Treasure Hunt

Got a friend who went awol around July last year only to be spotted chasing creatures only they could see? Join this interactive walking tour and Go Pokeabout – “What better way to enjoy Adelaide’s park lands than staring at your phone screen?!”

If you are a fan of Amazing Race or Survivor – download the Adelaide Fringe Goosechase App and answer the puzzles and complete the challenges to win.

Speaking of Survivor….

:: The Adelady Trickster


So it’s no secret there are a couple of hard core Survivor fans at Adelady so I was so excited to see Adelaide Mentalist and magician on the Australian show last year. Catch the Award Winning Honestly Dishonest Matt Tarrant before he disappears.

Or if you like your magic with “machine – gun delivery” check out Paul Dabek  – part stand up part magician, you will wet your pants in bewilderment or from laughter.

:: The Adelady who dreamt of running away to the circus

Where do I start – so much to choose from. This section in the fringe guide gets bigger each year and so do the quality like Showtime, Fauna and Cirque Africa. This year on my list is Barbu – because beards and those bodies…. No really. I saw them do spots* in different places last year so this year I’m making sure I see the full show… because circus stripped back with a shit hot soundtrack is right up my alley.  The circus from my childhood was never as exciting (or as sexy) as this. (*BTW how good is unfold fringe and fringe on tour and all the ways we get to see previews of shows in our everyday places? Thanks Fringe)

:: The Adelady who likes surprises

There are some shows that don’t fit neatly into a category, and these are the ones for the Adelady who like to try something a little different.

These following acts are the reason I love SA – the quirk that comes out of our state is world class. The Best Storyteller I ever met is Jon Bennett and I cannot recommend Fire in the Meth Lab enough.  A heart felt and yet unnervingly hilarious hour.

Sam Simmons has been one of my favourites since I saw him 10 years ago. I love the absurd and unexpected and I never know what I’m in for when I see his shows, that leave me laughing a week later.

Frehd is a clown. Not just by nature but profession.  She also has stories to tell after 20 years as a festival fixture . Take away the make-up, the dress ups and the fantasy and you’re left Stripped Bare I’m looking forward to this tell-all.

:: The Adelady who doesn’t sleep till April

Phat Cave has been my favourite late night show for over a decade. Held in Gluttony, it’s the place where the hottest comedians and fringe acts come to play and get away with the stuff they can’t anywhere else. There’s only one rule – “What happens in the Cave, stays in the Cave”

And last but not least – Rhino Room Late Show. Its mandatory that every comedy lover in Adelaide makes sure they get there at least once this year, because 2017 is the last year in the big purple building that has been a part of our lives all these years. You see it opened the year I turned 18. Then I fell in love with my husband there. I’ve seen some of the best bands, artists and acts anywhere in the world there, and often ended the night on the dancefloor or chatting over the bar with them. But this isn’t the end of Rhino Room – the great migration to Pirie St is coming. Rhino Room has supported the arts of Adelaide for as long as I can remember so support them and join the Stampede.

15 out the 20 odd shows I mentioned are created by or starring SA’s finest but if that’s not enough check out my list of Home grown and Heaps Good acts from last year.


Simone xx


Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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