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By Alicia Norton


I survived Mad March 2016 (hold your applause, please, stop it, you’re making me blush!) I know it’s not much to be proud of for the regular person but let me have my moment. I kicked butt in my first ever stand-up Fringe show and got along to more shows that I can count. I’m SO exhausted.

Sure it sounds a bit pathetic and a whole lot GEN Y but I need a damned holiday from my life! Why must life be so tough?!  So I made my first smart life-decision and treated myself!

Gather around and listen to the twenty-five year old comedian who doesn’t know her limits but sure knows how to have a good time (that’s me, by the way!) and find out how to truly TREAT YOURSELF.

Note: One does not have to ‘survive’ an arts festival to justify an indulgence like this. Finish a tough week at work? Treat yourself. Had to put up with a visiting relative? Treat yourself. Kept a goldfish alive for more than a month? You better believe it’s time to Treat. Your. Self.





To escape from the fact that my kitchen sink is overflowing with dishes, I decided to check into the beautiful Crowne Plaza Adelaide for the weekend. The mess would be there when I return but you know what they say…outta sight, outta mind, right?

We found the robes…we donned the robes…we became one with the robes.



I decided I’d treat myself to a facial. Possibly the single best decision I have made in 2016. I headed out of my delicious Crowne Plaza room, to Endota on Rundle Street where my therapist, Shanti noticed straight away (in the nicest possible way) that maybe I’d been doing a little “over indulging” (if only she knew the half of it) and that my skin was definitely in need of attention – and lots of it. In summary, never before have I so much enjoyed having a stranger touch my face for an hour. In fact, I think facials have now over taken massages as my favourite thing in the world. I like facials more than I like chocolate, wine and my boyfriend combined.


Cheese is as good as a holiday – I just made that up but it is 100% true. I hooked myself up with a cheese platter put together from the epic selection at The Central Market. I am my favourite person and cheese is my favourite food group, therefore everything in the world is great if cheese is on my plate whilst sitting on my hotel room balcony.


I’m a big fan of baths. The day that I worked out that if I tilted my TV just right, I could watch it from my bath, was the happiest of my life. The bath in the room at the Crowne Plaza however, put my pathetic old thing to shame. I couldn’t resist filling up the tub, adding a delicious bath bomb from Oh Deer Sugar (they’re a stone’s throw away in Regent Arcade) and once again reminding myself that yes, Alicia, you totally deserve this.

12814662_1740158836197431_3011849197404099780_nImage credit: @mvsterydisease


I can neither afford nor justify a life coach, so most of my personal advice comes from Instagram. I once saw a sunrise with the words, “No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and never give up”. I liked the bit that said ‘dress up’ so I take heed of it and use my outfit to help me feel good. I took advantage of my convenient location and hit the street…

Not as glammed up as some but super glammed up by our somewhat low standards.



Wine is my poison…and by poison I mean a gift from the Gods. We could have grabbed a bottle and headed back to the room (I would have been more than happy to…) but I think my boyfriend was concerned that I’d just disappear back into the bath and he would be stuck on his own — so we journeyed on to a few little bars…Take your pick!


Fringe meant eating on the run. Zambreros was my second home and my Nutribullet (the food blending thing guys, not something else) sure got a work out, so a proper sit-down meal in a restaurant was well called for and Redsalt Restuarant did not disappoint!  Remember ordering room service in bed (that someone else has to clean up tomorrow) is a pretty solid choice too.



Okay sleep is better than anything else I have mentioned so far. There was a freaking pillow menu at Crowne Plaza. You can choose your own pillow. It’s like a ‘choose your own adventure’ but a million times more satisfying.


The best way to end an excellent weekend and ease yourself back to reality is eat the world’s biggest brekky! This buffet breakfast is to die for! Also, there was cheese. Breakfast cheese. If you take one thing away from this it is that The Crowne Plaza serves cheese on their breakfast buffet so basically they are the best humans ever to walk the face of this earth.


Unfortunately reality exists. The stench coming from my kitchen sink is confirmation of this but who cares about that – my face is as soft as a babies bottom, I’ve gained around three delicious kilos and I think that I might have slept more in one single night than I have for the past four weeks. Life is good.

Go on, treat your self!

Alicia xx

Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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