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By Alicia Norton

Have you looked around lately? You’d be crazy not to because this beautiful city of ours is absolutely BRIMMING with talent!

With the Adelaide Fringe Festival taking over the town in the next few weeks, there’ll be endless chances to catch some of the best international and established performers for over a month – but that doesn’t mean you should forget about the locals!

There are heaps of people kicking goals in the Adelaide arts scene – and better yet, plenty of gals representing! It’s tough to make a decision on where to throw your cash but hey, this year how about you throw some of it at a local babe – in an artistic sense that is! So without further ado, here’s my personal list of Adeladies you should see at this year’s Fringe!

1. Adult-ish


Here’s what the guide says…

“Burlesque star Luna Eclipse has a confession to make: when it comes to being a grown up, she’s only faking it! From tassels to taxes and merkins to motherhood, will she ever master being an adult? Through a combination of interpretive dance, physical hijinks and a bit of burlesque she gives it a try…”

But this is why you should check her out…

Luna Eclipse is one of the gorgeous founding members of the fabulous Peaches ‘n’ Gin Burlesque – and I’ve been lucky enough to experience a couple of their classes and other shows. These classes were so fun and empowering and the shows that I’ve seen from these babes have been nothing short of impressive – you’re certainly not getting anything amateur here!

2. Outside The Box


Here’s what the guide says….

“Singer Alex De Porteous comes in like a wrecking ball, exploring the idea that perfection is unattainable in ‘Outside the Box’. Go for a ride in a cabaret time machine as Alex reinvents female pop hits as far back as the 1920s. Alex’s fancy vintage jazz styled pieces will keep your feet tapping and her and tales of woe and whoa! will keep you laughing, as she explores the impact of modern media on young people.”

But this is why you should check her out…

She’s ONLY seventeen and she’s basically more talented and probably more successful that I could ever hope to be – but I won’t let my bitter jealousy get in the way. Like I said, girl has got some MAD talent – and as an added bonus, her show will feature a special guest appearance from Hans: The Boy Wonder of Berlin!!!

3. Swinging The Mood


Here’s what the guide says…

“Shimmy, hoot and swoon as the room resonates to the harmony and sensation of the queens-of-swing, the Andrews Sisters. Costume, choreography and toe-tapping music by three talented sisters and their dynamic band will transport you to the era when Swing-was-King.”

But this is why you should check them out…

I’m a sucker for some good old swing tunes and a chance to shimmy and shake – which is why I can’t say no to a show like this! Topped off with beautiful costumes that are far fancier than anything you’ll see out and about today, this show was one of Katie Noonan’s Fringe picks so you know you’re in for a treat!

4. Georgie Carroll in Gauze and Effect


What the guide says…

“Georgie Carroll, multi award winning British / Australian stand up comic exploded on to the Australian comedy scene in 2010. By 2012 she had been crowned Adelaide’s best Newcomer and Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) RAW National Finalist.”
But this is why you should check her out…

But this is why you should check them out…

Georgie is hilarious and lovely and basically one of the best – anyone who’s ever caught her at a comedy show around Adelaide could tell you that. She may come with an accent but she’s certainly one of us – and working in a notorious South Aussie hospital, it seems, has taught her a thing or two! I cannot wait to see this show – I’m guessing I’ll probably laugh so much that it’s likely that medical attention WILL be required.

5. Granny’s Gala


What the guide says…

“Granny is back and bringing some of the best performers in the festival! This late night show will have Granny Flaps opening up and loosening her lips like never before. Bring your mates and share the love!”

But this is why you should check her out…

Granny Flaps is a character from local comedian Lori Bell. Lori hosted one of the first Adelaide comedy gigs I ever attended (so so so many shows ago) and I laughed so much that I was very very close to peeing my pants (I may have actually peed my pants a little bit. Don’t tell anyone).

6. Sophie and Alicia Are Hard To Get…Rid Of


What the guide says…

“Sophie and Alicia – they’ve been there and done that (absolutely all of it) and now they’re here to tell you all about it – with all the juicy embarrassing details. Twenty-something and only a little bit jilted, these hilarious ladies are ready to take you on a boisterous journey through the trials, tribulations and epic fails of modern day romance.”

But this is why you should check them out…

This is me. I’m excellent – and maybe a little bit biased. If my shameless self promotion puts you off, then come to see my buddy Sophie. She is beautiful, hilarious and talented and you might have read her brilliant bar reviews on this very site! We promise to make you laugh, and if you don’t come tell me after the show and I’ll give you an apologetic hug!

7. Bollywood Flashmob At The Fringe


What the guide says…

“The Bollywood Flashmob is back. Last year workshops SOLD OUT so don’t miss your opportunity to shake those hips, twist the lightbulb and bounce your way through Bollywood favourites!! New songs and New moves from last year, the workshops are for all ages even those with 2 left feet!!! Taught by Adelaide’s leading Bollywood dance specialist Francesca McMillan from Fusion Beats.”

But this is why you should check it out…

Bollywood dancing is basically the best fun that you can have with your clothes on- fact. I know – I’ve done the research. You might be noticing a trend here and that is that you’re taking advice from a girl who LOVES to shake her booty. If you’re anything like me then I think that you are gonna love getting around this fun event!

8. The Germein Sisters


What the guide says…

“The sundrenched songs of Adelaide’s indie pop sibling trio Georgia (guitar, keys), Ella (electric cello, bass), and Clara Germein (drums) are making waves globally since attracting the attention of Irish producer Billy Farrell, who had worked with chart topping band The Corrs.”

But this is why you should check them out…

This show will sell out – and if that’s not enough to pressure you into nabbing tickets then how about the fact that after you see the show you’ll be able to say; “I saw them before they were famous” – kinda. That’s because these local ladies have been kicking goals all over the world –some major people are paying attention – and so should you!

9. The Appointment – Stories From The Salon


What the guide says…

“Elbow deep in other people’s hair and nail clippings, it’s hard to see what’s beautiful about beauty therapy. It’s truth-time for Sam the beauty therapist as she wonders which is more important, the beauty or the therapy?”

But this is why you should check her out…

Haven’t you ever wondered what your hairdresser is really thinking when you’re telling her all your tales of love and life? I know I have. I do treat my poor hairdresser like a therapist and she’s wonderful at putting up with it. I wanna know if I’m the only one (I know I’m not) who shares their darkest secrets with their hair stylist – plus this show is in a lovely little venue, one of my personal favourites!

10. Emma Hack – New Works


What the guide says…

“Emma Hack returns to the body art illusion artworks that she is Internationally renowned for. Introducing the Worldwide release of New Works at her personal Gallery and Studio in pictureque North Adelaide.”

But this is why you should check her out…

Of course you’ve heard of her – she’s the one behind the amazing art in that Gotye music video – duh! Her works always blow my mind and you should definitely keep an eye out for her amazing pieces HOWEVER I want to use this bit to highlight the fact that there are SO MANY amazing exhibitions happening at Fringe time – and most of them are free! Keep an eye out for anywhere that has some art hanging because you might just stumble upon an excellent one of a kind piece from a local talent – because like I said, there are a lot of them!

PHEW – well I hope I’ve given you some inspiration –and there are heaps more wonderful local babes to check out, I’ve really only scratched the surface, but I have a word limit and you don’t have all day, so get out there, grab a guide and experience something amazing!

Alicia xx

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