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Guest blog by Sarah Bown – Signed By Sez

rundle mall

Unfortunately for us Adeladies, we sit at the butt end of Australia and often end up the butt of many a joke. People say it’s small. People say it’s boring. I tell them Adelaide is terribly misunderstood.

We have beautiful beaches, amazing wineries, very little traffic and a low cost of living. Yet people are still determined to shake our resolve that Adelaide is one of the best places to live.

When i tell someone “I’m from Adelaide, I receive a mixed bag of responses that go a little like this…

Blank looks.

Curiosity (um, why?).


Silent laughter.

Not so silent laughter.

So Adeladies let’s rises up against the constant criticism and stand up for our city.

Here’s a bunch of things interstaters say that kinda make us want to punch them in the face. Or somewhere further south of that.


1. Aw Adelaide airport only has one terminal for international and domestic. Bless.

2. So rent is like $40 a week?

3. Where are all of the skyscrapers?

4. {Standing in Rundle Mall}, so where is the city?

5. I guess you do make pretty good chocolate.

6. But you’re planning to move interstate right?

7. So what do you actually DO there?

8. Do you ever get any concerts in Adelaide?

9. Is there any reason for Adelaide to exist apart from the wineries?

10. How many years has it been since the Crows won a premiership?

11. Adelaide Cup is a thing?

12. Glenelg is like a poor man’s Bondi right?

13. Haha you lost Dangerfield.

14. Is gateway to the outback really something to be proud of? I mean surely it’s just a bunch of sand?

15. So which of like the 10 High Schools did you go to?

16. You only have one tram?

17. Oh you’re from Adelaide. That’s cute.

18. Do you even have like H & M? Where do you shop?

19. But didn’t you want to go to uni in Sydney or Melbourne?

20. Are there any young people or is it just like full of Maggie Beers?

21. You have a different timezone to Sydney? No way?!?!

22. Well it could be worse. It could be Hobart.

23. Doesn’t Adelaide get to like 50 degrees in summer?

24. My in laws live in Adelaide so we’re forced to spend Christmas there. #sigh

25. Oh so you live near Snow Town?

And one from international friends outside of Australia

1. Oh Adelaide? South Australia? So like near Sydney right?

Let me know in the comments what other crazy talk you’ve about our wonderful city. We’ll need to start rebutting ASAP!

Sarah Bown x

Sarah is fresh off the plane to Canberra and quickly realising she’s not in Glenelg anymore. She’s a writer and marketing professional by day and spends her free time reading way too much self-help literature followed up by too much Pinot Gris. Sarah spent 2015 working in Mongolia sharing her marketing and communications skills with local organisations. Yes it was her choice, yes they have internet and no it’s not next to Syria. She’s in Canberra to write more, exercise more, meditate more and then proceed to do Option D: none of the above. Follow her on FACEBOOK.

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