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By Jess Caire

Today’s workspaces are changing – constantly. Technology means we are more connected than ever before… but there is still a need for business travel. Like many of you, I spend a lot of time at the airport. Living between two states means that I am on a first-name basis with the Virgin lounge staff in Adelaide and Brisbane!

I have learnt to work on the go – and now do some of my best work in the lounge or in the air! It hasn’t always been this way, and has taken fine tuning to get to this point. So, here are my top tips for working on the go so when you get to your destination, you don’t need to play catch up:


Team Branson or Qantas, whoever you choose, you NEED access to the lounge if you travel frequently and intend to work on the go. The annual fee will seem tiny in comparison to the convenience and comfort you will gain. The upshot – docking stations, free Wi-Fi, free food and drinks. Oh! And Friday night champagnes before fly out makes the travel life almost worth it!


Your computer is your best friend. Laptops that are well travelled need a little more love than those that stay on the desk. Back up frequently, and get a laptop that is easy to carry, lightweight and has a good battery life – I recently upgraded to a Microsoft Surface Pro and it is a game changer! It means I can leave a docking station at my office and one at home. The battery life on this bad boy is 8 hours – super impressive – and means you don’t have to weigh yourself down with battery packs and cords.

Headphones are a must! I spend a lot of my work time on calls, or listening to recordings – so a decent set of headphones with a microphone is crucial.

Laptop bag: So many times I have been smashing out work on my laptop, and then I hear my flight being called – but I’ve just gotta finish that email! You need stuff that is easy to grab, so you can pick it up and shove it all in your laptop bag (and then run to your gate!).

iPad/Tablet: Sometimes it is just a lot easier to do what you need on your tablet, especially when you are in the air – nothing worse than lugging a huge laptop in and out when you are mid-flight. My rule of thumb is: work on a laptop in the lounge and a tablet on the flight – trust me it works.

Charging batteries: Always pack a jack for your USB / iPhone (if you are that way inclined) so you can charge your phone. Or make the fashion faux pas I have, and get yourself a mophie juice pack for your phone (yes, it makes it look like a brick but, no, I don’t run out of juice!).


I always scope the outskirts of the Virgin lounge, and usually sit with my back to the wall (see the confidentiality point below). If you are in one of the larger lounges, it makes life easy to have any of your last minute meetings in there! And eliminates the chance you will miss you flight!


Be cautious – airport lounges are full of people! People you don’t want to overhear your business “ins and outs” (I can assure you!). Speak quietly and be aware of who can see your screen. Australia is a small place – you never quite know who is around, and who they may know! Speak as though you are being listened to and one day may be called upon to testify in court about it!! You can never be too careful.

And finally… Travelling doesn’t mean you have to be less productive. With all the right gear and a lounge pass, you will actually surprise yourself on how much you can achieve in-between flights!

Love, Jess xx

Millie Looker

Millie Looker

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