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Guest article by Leyla Bakhtiarian, Laura’s little “Mooshie”

Hear us out while we exercise our bragging rights for a second… in case you haven’t heard, we are one of the new sponsors of the amazing Contax Netball Club! WE ARE SO EXCITED!

After only one meeting we had a pretty good feeling about the club, but to be sure we wanted to chat to a real-life netball player, just to make sure Contax was the kind of place that we could feel right at home in.

This is what she had to say – we think we’re going to like it here!

In her words…

My name is Leyla Bakhtiarian and I am 8 years old in year 3.

Every Wednesday night my dad and sometimes my younger brother, takes me to Priceline Stadium to train with the real netballers. I think my younger brother likes to come for the chip machine and not to watch me play netball.

This is my first year to play Netball. I’m not very good, but I love going! Pauline our coach was a netballer herself. Mum says a real good one too!  Pauline makes me feel warm and welcome when I go. The first time I went I had no friends and I was feeling very shy I was so so so nervous.. But the bigger girls helped me make some friends who I now like to throw the ball around and play lots of other ball games with. 

Im in Net Set Go and mum says its a great start to make me feel confident with learning the rules and some skills needed for when I play in a game. I like it when I get to shoot goals. When I get a goal in, I look straight at my dad and see him smiling and I feel proud. Mum says its all about having fun and giving it ago. Not to worry about how many goals I can shoot. Dad says its just a little bit about how many goals you can get in. With a secret wink!

I like it because I have fun and I get to learn things. I also didn’t know boys can play netball. I thought it was just for girls. I was so surprised to see them there. I was like “WHAT??, IM IMPRESSED”!!! If someone asked me what should they do I would say to come and have a try because its good. People are so friendly and they have helped me so much. I cant wait to play a real game and have my name on my shirt like all the bigger girls. My surname is really really long. i am not sure if it fit?

Leyla x

Millie Looker

Millie Looker

Writer, Content Creator, Events Manager and Operations sensation, she’s the backbone to ensuring Adelady runs like clockwork.

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  • Pauline Fielden says:

    What a lovely store Leyla. I am glad you are enjoying your Net Set Go it is good place to learn to catch and throw and be prepared for when you are able to play in a real Contax team

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