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By Millie Looker

Image Sourced from Nexus

Get your grooving shoes on, because Scouted Festival is back with a line up of some of the most talented SA artists you’ve ever heard. And, drumroll please… this year some of them will even be performing on the Nexus Arts Adelady Stage!

You heard us right, we have an entire stage named after us at Scouted 2018 — don’t worry, that doesn’t mean we’ll be singing! But let us back up for a sec to explain exactly what Scouted actually is for the newbies having a read of this.

To know if Scouted Festival is something you might enjoy, check out these questions…

– Do you love amaaaazing music?

– Do you love celebrating local SA talent?

– Do you love a bit of girl power?

– Are you overdue for a night out with your girl gang?

– Are you looking for something fun to do on a budget?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you will absolutely LOVE Scouted Festival. This year it’s taking place across four stages in Adelaide’s west end (did we mention one of those stages is named after Adelady?) on the 27th of July. For only 20 buckeroos, you’ll get access to all four venues the rest of your money can be spent on delicious mulled wine and good times.

Image Sourced from Nexus

Make it a ladies affair and group book tickets for you and your girl gang — this is the year of girl power, so pledge your allegiance to the cause and support your local women in music.

We’ve put together a bit of girl power itinerary for you to check out, but don’t be fooled — this only just scratches the surface!

6pm :: Wing Defence

Kick off your girl’s night at The West Oak Scenster stage with Wing Defence. This duo are as fresh as new netty skirt with local gal pals Paige Court and Skye Lockwood. Currently, TripeJ’s Unearthed feature artist, their lyrics about heartbreak and angst are something we can all relate to. Set against juicy, upbeat indie beats makes for a brilliant live show. Your evening of girl power kicks off here!

6:15pm :: Dhungala Baarka

Slide over to Jive bar quick smart for the husky toned melodies of Barkindji Woman and singer-songwriter Nancy Bates, as part of her duo Dhungala Baarka. With a voice of pure soul, let the funniest and most passionate woman in the Australian music scene serenade you.”

6:30pm :: Argus & The Liar

Continue the women power love in and flit over to Argus & The Liar via the AU Review stage at Rocket. Ellie Duigan and co will change it up with a dose of social justice hip-hop punk funk. Wash down with a Sparkke beverage. Dance – then leg it to your next show.

7:00pm :: Ollie English

Time for a bit of eye and ear candy at our Adelady stage at Nexus Arts. Slide on over and catch the soulful voice of the Adelaide Hills singer-songwriter. He’ll dazzle you with a range of heartfelt ballads to upbeat soul grooves and dynamic guitar solos. Watch with a glass of South Australian mulled wine and warm yourself up for a spell in the beer garden with some tunes and heaters!

8:00pm :: Fair Maiden

The Winter Gypsy kicks off at Nexus Adelady stage from 7:30pm, but if you want to continue the girl power theme head back to the West Oak and catch the dulcet tones of Fair Maiden at 8pm. Expect obsessive vocal harmonies and a folky twang.

8pm – 8:20pm :: Blush Response

Your next port of call? Give the fellas a bit of attention and hit Jive bar for the gorgeous sounds (and excellent guitars) of Blush Response. Quickly emerging as one of Adelaide’s newest and hottest talents they ensure a packed crowd. Make sure you’re able to fight your way to the exit for you’ll be on the move soon enough!

8:30pm :: Naomi Keyte

Be still your beating heart. Take a breather and get back to the Adelady stage at Nexus Arts for the final countdown and the almost delirium-inducing beauty of singer-songwriter Naomi Keytes voice. Warm up on mulled wine and beautiful music as women power lights the stage.

If you’re fed up with the all the trooping around, settle in and relax in the Nexus beer garden as Hana & Jessie Lee’s Bad Habits close the night off in barnstorming style.

Remember, the Nexus beer garden and the Adelady stage will be open from 5:30pm for a cheeky South Australian bevvy and sit down if all that running around gets a bit too much!

Get out there and enjoy the beautiful sounds of SA’s best, everyone — you won’t regret it! xx

Millie Looker

Millie Looker

Writer, Content Creator, Events Manager and Operations sensation, she’s the backbone to ensuring Adelady runs like clockwork.

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