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The lights go down, the curtain rolls up and a world of opportunity is born.

Welcome to the wonderful world of performing arts — rich in history, emotion and entertainment, it’s something that Scotch College does incredibly well! The opportunities for students at Scotch College to immerse themselves in the performing arts are next level. Cue the lights…

The foundation

Head of Drama Nicola Triglau says the sky’s the limit. “Scotch offers a breadth and depth of performing arts opportunities like no other. Students can focus on one or many areas and engage in what they love. Every year, we’ve had students going on to study at some of the most renowned performing arts schools, including NIDA, WAAPA, the VCA and Flinders Drama Centre. The line-up of successful old scholars speaks volumes,” Nicola says.

“Highly-acclaimed Australian actress Sarah Snook focused her path on the curriculum drama program and straight acting. We’ve had others, like Benn Welford, engage in both the musical and drama curriculum and go on to travel internationally with The Lion King; and another student who has gone straight to the Sydney Conservatorium to study contemporary music practice.

“Even for those who don’t pursue a career in the performing arts sector, the confidence and skills they learn are so transferrable. We’ve had drama students go on to become lawyers, politicians, anaesthetists, you name it, and many of them acknowledge that learning how to communicate through their body and voice has helped them to become successful in their chosen careers.”

The musical

Scotch College has a history of putting on great musicals each year — this year is no different with Beauty and The Beast. As an extracurricular activity that’s independent to the drama program (although a lot of students naturally get involved in both), it involves around 80 students from Years 7 to 12 who perform, are in the crew or musical ensemble, so it’s an all- hands-on-deck kind of thing. With seven performances that sold out in record time, the anticipation for this year’s production was electric.

Scotch College brought in award- winning performer, teacher, director and owner of Davine Productions, David Gauci, to head up the musical. “I’ve been involved in community and professional theatre my whole life but this is my first year working with Scotch, and it’s been incredible. It’s quite a team here — a very slick running unit, with everyone working hard to give the students an experience as close as possible to a professional musical. I’m so fortunate to work with them, I really am,” David says.

The cast

Year 12 student, Imogeone Mons is taking Stage Two Drama and Music and is playing the lead role of Belle in the musical. “It’s been great to be part of it, and the costumes have been spectacular,” she says.

Imogeone Mons

“It’s been such an experience and we’ve become like a family. The younger kids start out shy and then you see the confidence they gain when they put themselves on stage — it’s really exciting to see their progression. And the ensemble is just as big a part; we can’t do it without them.”

Imogeone has her heart firmly set on a career in the performing arts and Scotch is right behind her. “Hopefully drama will be my top option, but I’m also thinking about studying classical music so I’m trying to keep my options open.”

Whatever her path, we’re sure that like any of the students who have been under Scotch College’s watch, it will undoubtedly be bright.


Em Worthington

Em Worthington

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