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It’s official, the 1970s FLARE is back. As much as I’d love to sport a pair of bell bottoms, I still can’t bring myself to buy them — yet. At the moment, my obsession is drop crotch pants (or hippie pants), whatever you prefer to call them. They’re the loose fitting pants with a low crotch. Not only are they super comfortable but they’re highly flattering — for all shapes and sizes! I have eleven pairs on high rotation in my wardrobe. If you’re like me — slightly addicted, here’s some inspo for you…

Hayley xx


1. Three Hippie Hearts (They do hippie pants for women, girls AND babes)

10986662_487084961459417_8816413109403194063_nImage credit: Three Hippie Hearts

11705345_486238891544024_3260423222014138762_nImage credit: Three Hippie Hearts

11745741_485909644910282_7081064345920575779_nImage credit: Three Hippie Hearts

11745784_483093265191920_6221120160064076002_nImage credit: Three Hippie Hearts

11011482_10153453183809534_9132081828447692897_nImage credit: Three Hippie Hearts

11705313_10153453183824534_5861522536151750804_nImage credit: Three Hippie Hearts

11750674_10153453183814534_4776432767038926799_nImage credit: Three Hippie Hearts

11040635_474575256043721_2695626005568266586_nImage credit: Three Hippie Hearts

11223805_455132191321361_8016480858644928784_nImage credit: Three Hippie Hearts



Image credit: The Fifth 


Image credit: C/Meo Collective

11059922_10153453210124534_832917715250968708_nImage credit: The Fifth


Image credit: Finders Keepers

3. Country Road

46924_234716_127587Image credit:


Image credit:


Image credit:


image4xxlImage credit:

20495_10153453508739534_4292582702669737914_nImage credit:

1513819_10153453508734534_7998035884438728813_nImage credit:

11752537_10153453510069534_4643479741329515758_nImage credit:

*Feature image and Three Hippie Hearts credit: Three Hippie Hearts 

Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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