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Dr Tracy Lee Govis, creator of Jab Acupuncture, is like The Force.

I’m no Star Wars enthusiast, but there’s something inexplicable that happens when you have acupuncture with Tracy and her team. Everyone she meets instantly gravitates towards her healing energy — and they leave feeling extraordinary.

Image credit :: Wayne Pearson

Like a walking encyclopedia, Tracy is well-versed in Chinese medicine and her clients come from all over SA. “We treat things like menopause, infertility, muscle pains, chronic fatigue, endometriosis, period problems, migraines, MS, past trauma, grief and, most commonly, depression and anxiety.” For some women, acupuncture can help relieve stress and anxiety when trying to fall pregnant, but it may even help to increase fertility, which is music to many Adeladies’ ears!

Image credit :: Wayne Pearson

A trained massage therapist, Tracy had a sliding doors moment 10 years ago, which changed her life forever. “I was literally lost in China and not in a good headspace when a man tapped me on the shoulder, saw that I was upset and told me I was standing in the biggest university of Chinese medicine. He offered to show me around and from that moment on, my world opened up. When I returned to Australia, I immediately enrolled to study my new found passion.”

Image credit :: Wayne Pearson

The holistic approach to balancing the body made perfect sense to Tracy. “We see the body as energy — like a river system with different pathways — and we need to make sure it flows. Wherever there’s pain, there’s stagnation. If you’ve experienced trauma and have knotted energy in your gut, you will feel unwell — that’s where acupuncture can treat you.”

Opening up those pathways and seeing her clients gain a new zest for life is what drives Tracy. “People come to me feeling depleted, like they’ve hit rock bottom and often, acupuncture is a last resort. Helping them get their spark back is everything to me.”

Image credit :: Wayne Pearson

Located in Clarence Gardens, Jab Acupuncture feels inviting, nourishing, calm and is a place where you can be 100 percent yourself. “More and more men also feel comfortable coming to see me to help treat their depression, and they see results that they haven’t seen before.”

There’s something about Tracy that makes her feel like an old friend and letting her hands take your mind and body into a meditative state is something else. The only explanation? She’s a Jedi.

Jab your face

Cosmetic acupuncture has been used in ancient China for thousands of years. This natural treatment increases the blood and energy circulation under the skin, producing more collagen, which helps to reduce fine lines.

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Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

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