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By Hayley Pearson

Wonder vs Wisdom

Are you a morbid mum? The kind of mum who worries over every little thing? The type whose brain always goes straight to the worst possible scenario? Join the club!

Ever since I looked at that positive pregnancy test 7 years ago, my brain has gone into overtime, over-thinking and over-worrying about everything and anything.

My husband and I have spent many a night at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, wondering what was wrong with our babies — when, in hindsight, I could have just driven 3km to Norwood National Pharmacies and been given advice quickly before assuming the worst.

Wondering is dangerous. Wisdom is everything.

If I can help other parents learn from my mistakes, and make sure their brain doesn’t go straight to Morbid Town every single time — then I’m a happy lady!

Here are 10 things I thought was wrong with my child vs what it actually was. Can you relate to any of these?

Hayley x

1. My son had a reddish hue on his face, I came to the conclusion it was definitely meningococcal and he only had hours to live.

What it really was: Heat rash.

2. My baby touched a wild mushroom on our front lawn. An online forum insisted it was deadly. So in a flurry, we took him straight to The Women’s and Children’s, where we stayed overnight for observations — and blood test after blood test.

What it really was: Just a mushy.


3. My baby had an itchy bum. To me, that meant he definitely had worms. Ewwww!

What it really was: Nappy rash.

4. My 6 year old came home with what looked like a red slap mark on his face. I was worried he was getting bullied and someone had slapped him.

What it really was: Parvo virus.

5. My 6-year old’s stomach was hurting… I freaked out and assumed it was a tumour in his abdomen.

What it really was: He was hungry.

6. My 3 year old had a bruise on his back. In my crazy morbid head, bruises mean some sort of blood disorder.

What it really was: Just a bruise. He banged his back on the bath.

7. I’d been getting mad gut pains and I assumed it was a bowel obstruction, or even worse, bowel cancer. I even had a colonoscopy.

What it really was: I was eating too many dried apricots.

8. My baby was refusing formula. I was worried he was going to starve to death.

The ladies at National Pharmacies put my mind at ease and gave me another option to try.

What it really was: He needed a lactose-free formula.

9. My 6 month old couldn’t breathe. I assumed his nose cavities must be closing over — another trip to Women’s and Children’s.

What it really was: He just needed Fess (to suck out the snot) and a humidifier in his room at night.

10. My baby had a temperature. Google told me I should take him to emergency incase he had a seizure.

What it really was: A cold. He just needed Panadol and for me to take off his clothes to regulate his body temperature.

You see 99% of the time, we as new mums have nothing to worry about. Obviously it’s better to be safe than sorry — but rather than hitching a ride directly to Morbid Town, or going straight to the hospital freeeeaaaking out, just call another Mum friend or go into a National Pharmacies because their staff are trained to have the information and the wisdom, to put your mind at ease.

And they’ll send you off in the right direction.

Wonder sucks.

Wisdom is a beautiful thing.

Hayley x

This is general advice only, please seek specific advice for your situation from a health professional.



Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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