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Guest Blog By Leah Brunoli – CEO/Managing Director/Bridal Coordinator of Adelaide-based hair and beauty empire Fresh Hair & Body.

fresh hair and body

One of my favourite times of year is school formal time, I love to work with stylish and on trend looks that inevitably become a part of every girl’s school formal look.

While there are of course things to avoid such as orange tan, poodle curls and heavy blue eye shadow, there are so many great trends this formal season!

Here are some of my faves:


Whether your hair is long or short, Hollywood waves are always a sure fire bet for formals.

They are always on trend, classy and elegant. Hollywood waves make for the perfect compliment to a gorgeous gown, especially if the dress shows off the shoulders.

If you don’t have the chance to come into one of our eight locations, this is a style that you can achieve at home.

With a GHD you simply clamp the tongs close to the crown of the head, grabbing a section of hair and slide the tongs down, facing away from the face, and curling outward. Once the whole head of hair is curled, brush out with a paddle brush.

If you have a conical (curling iron) then simply wrap a section of hair around the iron facing away from the face and hold for ten-fifteen seconds. Once the entire head of hair is curled, brush out with a paddle brush.

fresh hair and body

fresh hair and body

fresh hair and body


Trending formal looks for 2016 are all about the dewy, bronzed makeup with a gold eye and on fleek eyebrows (obviously).

Creating that dewy look is all about knowing which foundations and illuminators to use and combined with bronzer this creates the perfect formal look.

The gold eye is the flawless way to give that classic shine to your makeup look as well as finishing off the Hollywood look initially created by the Hollywood waves.

And finally the eyebrows, which are one of the most important elements to your formal look. Even if you have light or barely there eyebrows, you can still perfect the on fleek brow look.

Simply ensure that you or your makeup artist are using eye brow pencils and powder a shade darker than your natural brow tone, shaping and filling in the brows to finish off your glamorous look.

fresh hair and body

fresh hair and body

And now, not only are you formal ready, but you are practically Hollywood red carpet ready as well.

Leah x


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