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Guest Blog by Emma Smith :: Smart Analysis

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Do you find yourself regularly stepping on the scales and wondering why nothing’s changing? Do you follow a healthy lifestyle or have made good choices and still wondering why you aren’t seeing the results in your weight? Well here’s why; scales can’t accurately tell us what is happening inside our bodies, they can’t tell us about our exact composition and how it changes over time.

That’s where Smart Analysis comes in. Founded and operated by fitness professionals, our business opened in Adelaide with the aim to provide an affordable and easily accessible method for individuals of all ages to accurately assess their body composition.

 We use an InBody 570 machine that is quick, completely painless, and non-invasive. The only requirement is to stand barefoot on the platform and hold the handles. Through a patented 8-point tactile electrode system that incorporates specific thumb point and palm technology, the machine sends a small electrical impulse through both hands and feet and collects data as the impulse travels through each section of the body. Our machine provides accurate body composition analysis in less than 45 seconds.

But we’re not here to simply give you your results and send you on your way. We’re committed to working with you to create specific, measurable, relevant and achievable goals with a scientific approach. Every scan comes with a 15-20 minute consultation where we can work together to create a plan to help you reach your health goals.

So, why use our state-of-the-art technology to find out what’s really going on beneath the surface?

 Here’s 5 reasons why you should get a scan:

1. Visceral fat – this is the fat you can’t see. Fat around the heart, liver, kidneys and other vital organs. High visceral fat leaves you at risk of heart attack, diabetes, stroke, liver problems and much more. Our machine will tell you exactly how much visceral fat you have, and then we can put in place a plan to help you manage it.

2. Body transformation – whether your aim is to lose fat or gain muscle, our machine can help you track exactly what your body is doing, making sure you stay on the right path to smash your health goals. We can track your entire transformation and make adjustments where we see fit. It’s about putting you in control of your results.

3. Segmental analysis – our machine will give you an in depth analysis about each segment of your body. It will allow you to clearly understand your muscle distribution and where you need to focus on muscle development, plus segmental fat analysis allowing you visibly understand fat distribution. This can be very helpful for athletes training for an event or competition.

4. Post-natal health tracking – using composition analysis to help you get back into shape after giving birth. Get back to that pre-baby body quickly and efficiently using our technology and tailored advice.

5. Your children’s health – our scans are extremely safe for children and are recommended for keeping an eye on your child’s growth. Taking control of their health early on sets them up for a successful and healthy future.

Take control of not only your health, but also your whole families health, today! Call us here at Smart Analysis InBody Scan on 0413 432 791 to make your appointment and begin tracking exactly what is going on in your body. Our office location: 47 Hutt Street.

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