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By Australian Institute of Fitness


Muscle soreness is a pain best shared, so grab a buddy and try our full body partner workout next time you hit the gym!

This workout focuses on conditioning the whole body, with the twist of a “workout buddy”. We recommend you complete three rounds with eight reps each, with as little rest as possible between exercises.


1. High-Five Burpee  

12189597_10153670049764534_5658135815794607893_nMovement :: Start in the push-up position with hands just outside your shoulders. Jump both feet in at once. Keeping your hands on the floor. Stand tall and jump to hive five your partner.


2. Partner Single Leg Squat 

12036444_10153666512574534_7454878496956785548_nMovement :: Face your partner. Link arms. Single leg squat on the same leg as each other, with the other leg straight out in front.


3. Travelling Lunges with a Medicine Ball

12189775_10153666512579534_194002210150518742_nMovement :: Walking Lunges. Lunge, parallel to you partner in a straight line. With a torso rotation, pass the medicine ball between you.


4. Medicine Ball Sit Ups 

12193476_10153666512559534_8724272691310065969_nStarting Position :: Begin by facing your partner with your hips and knees at 45°. One person with a medicine ball.

12196104_10153666512514534_9174714157828843229_nMovement :: Keeping your Knees at 45degrees crunch from the hips using your core to
 meet your partner in the middle. Pass the medicine ball. Return to starting position and repeat.


5. Plank Claps

12187815_10153670039749534_4872831685603264191_nMovement :: Begin in a plank position (shoulders square to hips). Clap left hand to left hand with your partner. Repeat this swapping hands as you go.

Working out with a partner is SO much more fun.

Good luck!

Australian Institute of Fitness xx

Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

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