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By the Adelady Team

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen us showing off our Fijian adventure on social media.

While we were there, we fully embraced the local Fijian cuisines and culture. So when we came home, we realised that having cereal for dinner every night is NOT OKAY.

So, we’ve swapped Weet-Bix for delicious multi-cultural restaurants and cafes in SA… But where are all these magical eateries, you ask?


We challenged ourselves to pick up our phones and go around the world with the UberEATS app, and these are our top picks!

Steal our list and try it for yourself…

1. Mexico – Beach Burrito Glenelg

Arrrrrrriba! After 2 days of solid filming for our upcoming Christmas Special we decided to follow the classic saying “TREAT YOSELF” and get some burritos into us. SO. GOOD.

2. China – My Yen Chinese

With the amount of Chinese that my family ordered, we could have fed a small nation. The best part? Leftovers!

3. Japan – Ginza Japanese Restaurant

Sushi is a staple in our diet, so to get it delivered to our doors is a real blessing.

Image Credit :: UberEATS

4. Italy – 360 Gradi

I’m not going to lie — we ordered pizzas from 360 Gradi after a few drinks on a Saturday and it was 100% the highlight of my night!

Image Credit :: UberEATS

5. Spain – Chocolateria San Churro 

If you haven’t had churros from here, do yourself a favour and place an UberEATS order STAT. Zero regrets.

Image Credit :: UberEATS

6. Australia – Chickens on Diagonal 

This is a true story — we placed an order that was so large that Chickens on Diagonal called us to make sure we hadn’t made a mistake! It was a proud moment.

7. India – Beyond India

The best way to UberEATS from Beyond India is to all pick something, then put it all in the middle to share. Everyone’s a winner!

Image Credit :: UberEATS

8. America – Sugar Shack Diner

Everything about this, down to the checkered paper and the little flag sticking out the top, makes us forget we are even in Australia. Excuse our (very bad) American accents, we tend to get carried away.

Image Credit :: UberEATS

9. Lebanon – Nourish’d Kitchen

OK so maybe this isn’t a particularly traditional Lebanese dish but the falafels were next level amazing (so were the smoothies — as we said, not technically Lebanese ha!)

10. Greece – Two Greek Boys

This photo pretty much sums up the fact that Two Greek Boys can create pretty much anything your heart desires. Is anyone else suddenly craving haloumi?

Image Credit :: UberEATS


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