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By Millie Looker

Finally, the Adelaide Riverbank has exactly what it’s always needed — Home Ground is where it’s at!

This brand new destination has some of the best views that our beautiful little city has to offer, and you can lap it all up with the outdoor dining options (of course, if it’s that touch too chilly then you can hide yourself away inside as well). If you’ve ever wanted that waterfront dining experience without having to get too glammed up then this is made for you — it’s relaxed, it’s affordable and for all you mumma’s and papa’s out there, it’s kid-friendly.

For those of you that are after a bit of choice in what you eat or where you go, you’ll be pleased to know that there are 2 different dining experiences (plus a bar!) waiting for you, and each of them are totally different from the next. While worlds apart in terms of what they make and how they present themselves, it’s pretty bloody cool to know that 97% of the produce that they use at Home Ground is sourced locally in good old SA.

All of THIS can be found along the Adelaide Riverbank Promenade, under the Convention Centre’s new East building. Brilliant!


Sage is a chic little place that will probably become one of your new favourite breakfast and lunch spots. The food is light and healthy, but with generous servings so you won’t leave hungry (check out the club sandwich below, that thing could feed a small family!) If you’re looking to follow the latest trends you’ll be all over the smashed avo with poached eggs and the poke bowls, but of course there are plenty of classics on offer too.

If you’re like us and have the biggest sweet tooth in the Southern Hemisphere, you’ll probably park yourself on a seat in the sunshine with an ice-cream, a cookie the size of your face, and a selection of fresh pastries. Delish!


Literally located about 5 metres away from Sage, you’ve got Goodbuns Diner which is burgers, burgers and more burgers. Don’t want a burger? Then how about a hot dog, a selection of barbecued meats or just a bit of a nibble on some onion rings. This hole-in-the-wall feels like your classic American diner but with more class, which is kind of how we like to describe ourselves — classic with a touch of class lolssss.


This one is pretty self explanatory — it’s a bar! The extensive wine list is 100% South Australian and there is cold beer on tap too, which is just what you want when you’re crossing the Adelaide Oval footbridge after a game. You can bring your food across from the other two venues and enjoy an icy bevvy with your meal. What more could you possibly want??

So there you have it folks, that’s Home Ground. There is nowhere else quite like it in our city, so make it your destination next time you’re heading out for some food and a drink — it’s ace.

Millie xx


Millie Looker

Millie Looker

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